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Freezing Raw Tomatoes: How to Make a Good Thing Last

Freezing Raw Tomatoes: How to Make a Good Thing Last - TomatoCasual.comBy Michelle Fabio

For many of us, the end of summer means the end of beloved fresh tomatoes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can easily freeze tomatoes for enjoyment throughout the colder months.

You may have heard that foods with a high water content, like tomatoes, aren’t ideal for freezing, and that’s true; once tomatoes are defrosted, they’re quite mushy so you won’t be using them in salads.

But defrosted frozen tomatoes are great in soups, sauces, stews, and salsas, and below are two ways to freeze and store them.

Keep in mind that you should always start with firm, ripe, deep red tomatoes and always wash them and cut away the stem scars and any imperfections before beginning.

  • Freezing tomatoes with skins on.

Simply place the clean, groomed tomatoes on cookie sheets and then in the freezer. When the tomatoes are frozen, transfer them to plastic freezer bags or other freezer-safe containers. When you’re ready to use them, take out as many as you’ll need and simply run them under warm water; the skins should come off easily.

  • Freezing tomatoes with skins off.

In this method, you’ll need to blanch the tomatoes, i.e., dip them into boiling water for about thirty seconds to a minute until the skins split. You should then drop them into cold water, core, and peel them. From here you can cut the tomatoes into chunks or freeze whole in freezer bags or other container, being sure to leave about an inch of room at the top.

Remember that tomatoes will stay best frozen at temperatures of 0°F or below, and are best if used within eight months after freezing.

Now your winter already looks better, doesn’t it?

15 Responses to “Freezing Raw Tomatoes: How to Make a Good Thing Last”

  1. Ellie Says:

    Ohhh I just found this blog and I am so happy to learn I can freeze tomatoes!!

    I did not think this was OK to do… I will certainly be freezing my home grown tomatoes this year – instead of giving them all away!!


  2. michelle Says:

    Ellie, glad you found us! I hope you’ve seen the newest post on freezing about juice and stewed tomatoes 🙂

  3. Andrew Perkins Says:

    This works great! Froze mine with the skins on (had about 80 lbs from the summer), I just go into the freezer, get a bunch and make a quick tomato sauce. Plunge blenders make it nice and quick, too!

  4. michelle Says:

    Glad to hear it Andrew! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  5. Pamela Blevins Says:

    To freeze tomatoes, can I use a vaccuming food saver?

  6. michelle Says:

    Hi Pamela, I’ve never heard of that, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do it so long as you follow the instructions above before vacuum-saving. Let us know how it turns out!

  7. tlc Says:

    It sounds like freezing all of our excess tomatoes is our best option, as we love to make homemade salsa. When making the salsa, my husband, the house “chef” actually grates the tomatoes into a chunky, saucy blend. Would it be best to go ahead and do that before freezing? Since they turn “mushy” with freezing, I’m not sure how easy it might be to grate them after freezing. Thanks, in advance, for any help!

  8. michelle Says:

    Sounds like an experiment to try to me, tlc! I would suggest freezing some whole and also freezing some grated just to see which you prefer–the answer might surprise you 🙂

    And please report back!

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  11. Donald Says:

    This year is very odd, I make tomato juice and this year I cant get enough tomatos at one time So is it okay to juice the tomayos and freeze the juice until I have enough to make a decent batch of juice.

  12. James Aberi Says:

    Does health recnmmend peeling of tomatoes

  13. Myra Says:

    Do I understand you right that once I unfreeze I can proceed with my fresh tomato sauce recipe (paste, cooking, spices, etc)??? Do you think I’ll need to alter any of the quantities? THANKS…NOW I won’t fret about having a tub full and leaving on vacation tomorrow! Just freeze tonight!

  14. WillE Says:

    With my earthboxes heavily producing this year, freezing will be a big help. Most of my plants that are producing this year where from last years tomatoes going to waste.

  15. Lisa Says:

    If i freeze my green tomatoes will they be ok in a chutney?

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