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Tomato Glam: Tomato Cosmetics and Beauty Tips (Part 1)

Tomato Glam: Tomato Cosmetics and Beauty Tips (Part 1)By Tomato Queen

Are you a fan of tomato glam?

There’s no dearth of products and home remedies that you can add to your scent or beauty regime.

Sniff it.

Love that scent of the tomato plant that rubs off on you and leaves a green streak on your arm that refuses to wash off?

Sitting under the full-spectrum lights in January just isn’t cutting it?

Demeter might have the scent for you: Tomato Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray is said to smell just like, well: picking tomatoes.

Or if you want to smell like an actual tomato, they also carry Tomato Seeds Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray. Presumably, you won’t be able to resist squeezing the merchandise: they warn, “Really, try it the next time you’re alone.”

Slough it.

Most cosmetic companies recommend alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acid-based exofoliants over scrubs to more effectively slough off dead skin cells to avoid scratching and marring.

The acidic tomato puree from a ripe, skinned, raw tomato is said to do the job.

Slather on your face and neck and keep it on for 15 minutes while it slides down your clothes and spatters your furniture.

Then rinse off and let us know how it worked!

[This article is the first part of a two-part series examining tomato cosmetics and tomato beauty tips. Click to read the second part of this article.]

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  2. Veronica Says:

    When did this new phenomena come out?..who really wants to smell like a tomato. i like their scents though, they are true to whatever they trying to mimic.

  3. Tomato Queen Says:

    Hi, Veronica. Beats me! I first saw Demeter’s Tomato about 5 years ago and balked. But now I think it would be nice to smell the scent now and again, esp. over winter, just… not so much on a person.

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