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Literary Tomato – A Poem: On The Vine

Literary Tomato - A Poem: On The Vine - TomatoCasual.comBy Tomato Queen

I don’t know why the tomato bonded
Us, this pulpy, too-brief treat
We dreamt them up on subzero days, poring
Over seed catalogs like porn, luscious red orbs of August
Grew them from seed, peeking for sprouts
Who only needed dirt, water, sun
For leggy stems to climb
We left room for roots, always

Tending to those yellow wilty flowers, hoping they would attract
Someone to shake, eat, spread the pollen, make fruit, fruition, a gem
Fostered like a spring shearling under coveting eyes
Lusting patiently for plucking day: then
We would carve and devour it, chins wet
Keep the memories on our tongue of garden conquests
Stuff them into jars and display them, shining
To open on winter days when the tongue forgets.

The year came where we stopped, or rather
Went through the motions, planted seeds.
The seedlings grew tall and leggy, but withered
Into a mangled heap of brush
One plant lived, and there were blossoms and somehow tomatoes
Glowed gold and pendulous, waiting for nothing.

They shriveled, puckered
Burst open, heaving seeds and pulp into dirt
Covered over
Froze over winter
And did not take

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