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Heirloom Tomatoes in 60 Seconds

Heirloom Tomatos in 2 Minutes - TomatoCasual.comBy Danny Thompson

Imagine, a single genetic line guarded closely, it’s secret passed quietly from generation to generation while the masses are blissfully unaware of the simple yet profound truth.

No, it’s not a best-selling novel or blockbuster movie.

It’s the history of the Heirloom Tomato.

While big seed producers worked to find the best tomato for mass production: one that grew uniformly, shipped well and “looked” like a tomato, they did a disservice to the versatile little treasures.

The homogenization and constant demands on the soil (not to mention the refrigerated trucks used to move them) robbed them of their most precious asset: their flavor.

But, while this lesser tomato came to dominate the produce section of the supermarket chains, a few pockets of purists survived…principally among the Amish…keeping pure, full-bodied strains of the fruit alive and well by literally passing seeds down through the generations (hence the name, heirloom).

And when people who thought they liked tomatoes finally got their hands on these older, heartier fruits, a tomato subculture sprang up so fast, even Dan Brown’s head would spin.

Today, tomato enthusiasts crossbreed these not for commercial qualities, but for fuller flavor and resistance to pests…or simply put, a better tomato from the garden to the table.

Are you ready to taste the truth?

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