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Coincidence or Connection?: The Tomato’s Contribution to Western Civilization


Coincidence or Connection?: The Tomato's Contribution to Western Civilization -TomatoCasual.comBy Danny Thompson

Here’s an interesting thought that stuck me just the other day.

The tomato was introduced to Europe in the 15th century, taking hold especially in Italy before spreading throughout the continent.

It just so happens that something else interesting began in Italy in the 15th century and spread throughout EuropeThe Renaissance.

Could it be that the humble tomato so affected medieval Europeans, that it caused them to cast off the despair and pessimism of the Dark Ages and embrace a new philosophy of learning, discovery and hopefulness?

Could the tomato be responsible for the lines of thinking that have made the world what it is today, from the development of the Scientific Method, all the way down to that pinnacle of human technology, the spork?

Well, I can’t say for sure.

But the BBC did list the tomato as one of their ten recommended foods to boost your brainpower.

Now, have a tomato and go discover something!

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