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The 4-Hour Work Week for the Tomato Gardener – Part 2

The 4 Hour Work Week for the Tomato Gardener- Part 1 - TomatoCasual.comBy Danny Thompson

[This article is part 2 of a 5 article series. View part 1 of the series.]


In part two of our attempt to apply the principles of Tim Ferriss’s book, the 4 Hour Work Week, to our favorite food, we are going to look at the principle of Elimination.

Ferriss explains how he has used this principle to establish an information-diet, and only checks his email once a week.

The point is to eliminate the unnecessary time-wasters in order to spend our time doing the things we love.

For us, we want to look for ways to eliminate our work in our garden.

Again, you don’t have to eliminate everything…if there are parts of tending to your garden you really enjoy, then keep doing them. But try to eliminate any unnecessary steps.

The Tomato Queen already talked about companion planting as a means of helping your tomatoes grow healthier and with better flavor, as well as reducing the likelihood of pests. This could be a means of eliminating at least some of your fertilizing and pest control (and maybe even grocery shopping?).

So get out there and start eliminating.

Be brutal.

Next time I’ll discuss what to do with the things you can’t eliminate: Automation.

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    i am nepali starting tomato cultavition and this is my first season so i want perfect guidelines

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