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The 4-Hour Work Week for the Tomato Gardener – Part 4

The 4 Hour Work Week for the Tomato Gardener- Part 1 - TomatoCasual.comBy Danny Thompson

[This article is part 4 of a 5 article series. View part 1 of the series.]


The whole point of Tim Ferriss’s book, the 4 Hour Work Week, is to get the maximum enjoyment out of life with the absolute minimal stress and time spent on things that we don’t like.

This idea of liberation should be the guiding factor in any sort of 4HWW approach you take. If you enjoy the process of weeding or pruning or watering, then don’t eliminate or automate those parts.

This isn’t streamlining for the sake of streamlining, but for the sake of spending time doing what we enjoy.

Identify the things you love about growing tomatoes, and eliminate or automate everything else.

If all you like is eating the fresh tomatoes, then find a way to spend minimal time in the garden by automating processes or giving them to the kids as chores (or make it a fun experiment for them…give them a plant of their own…let them name it and care for it).

Pay the kid next door to take care of it for you…whatever. Or even pay someone nearby with a garden to cultivate a few plants just for you.

So go ahead and set yourself free.

Next time I’ll be clearing up a few points on what all this means.

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  1. Eva Williams Says:

    I certainly love tomatoes. Thanks for beautifully applying 4hww to tomato lovers. I check out regularly and am an avid fan of Tim Ferriss.

  2. Meaningful concepts well applied - A 4 Hour Work Week Forum Says:

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