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Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes: A Children\’s Book for All Ages

Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes: A Children's Book for All AgesBy Michelle Fabio

Through the lyrical words of Demian Elainé Yumei and the beautiful illustrations of Nicole Tamarin, Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes provides parents with a way to introduce children to gardening and tomatoes as well as to life’s processes and how elements work together.

In 32 full-color pages, we follow a young girl’s realization as to just how many “not-a-tomato” things go into creating the yellow pear tomatoes that her father plants for her (because she loves them so much, of course).

She takes special note of the work of her mother and father, but also comes to realize that even earthworms and ladybugs play a part in the development of her precious fruit:

Everyone and everything–“my daddy, my mommy, bugs and worms, clouds and sky, lakes and rivers, the sun and stars–are parts of the tomato you cannot see. Take away any one, and the little yellow pear tomatoes in my garden could not be.”

The author’s inspiration was her own daughter Brhiannon’s real-life love of yellow pear tomatoes, and the intimacy with the subject matter shines throughout.

This book is charming, warm, and thought-provoking for even adults as we contemplate living in today’s world.

5 Responses to “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes: A Children\’s Book for All Ages”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I love books that introduce children to gardening. Throw in earthworms and how everything works together and that sounds like a book that I have to read to my kids.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Says:

    Hey Anthony – glad you liked the post.

    I know I appreciate that can aid me in getting more help in the garden. 😉

  3. michelle Says:

    Anthony, I’m glad you found the post useful; I don’t have kids yet, but I’m already starting up a list of great books–and this one is definitely on it.

    A mention of earthworms will get me every time 😉

  4. michelle Says:

    What age group is this book based on?

  5. Says:

    The book is for reading levels ages 4 to 8.

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