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How to Save the Tomato Seeds from Your Favorite Tomatoes

How to Save the Tomato Seeds from Your Favorite Tomatoes - TomatoCasual.comBy Amelia Tucker

With the season drawing to a close, you should know which plants grew the best this year.

Why not save those seeds and get a jump start on next year’s gardening?

It is easy to do and you will be saving the seeds from the plants that grew best in your particular area, ensuring a better harvest every time.

Here is what you do:

Be sure you are using Heirloom tomatoes.

To remove the slimy coating on tomato seeds, squeeze the seeds and juice of some of the best fruits into a plastic dish. Leave to ferment for at least 5 days or until mold clearly develops.

Rinse this mold off the seeds until they are clean and spread them onto a paper plate to dry.

If you are saving cherry tomato seeds, blend chopped fruit with some water to make a slurry.

Let settle and pick out the unbroken seeds that fall to the bottom. Continue as for regular tomato seeds.

Use one half of an envelope to keep seeds safe for the winter.

Be sure to write the name of the tomato and anything you did special that seemed to help. I like to make a note of any particularity with the season like excessive rain or drought.

An empty coffee can with lid makes a great place to store your homemade packets.

You can also add dry milk powder to the seeds as a desiccant powder that is safe. Just add a little to each packet.

Try saving some of your favorite seeds this way and you will add an extra special something to your gardening enjoyment.

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