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World\’s Largest Tomato


How To Grow The Biggest Tomatoes In Town in 6 Easy Steps - TomatoCasual.comBy Michelle Fabio

Ever look at some of your larger tomatoes and wonder if they’d be in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records?

Well unless they’re over 7 pounds, 12 ounces–yes folks, that’s a good-sized newborn baby–you’re out of luck.

Gordon Graham of Edmond, Oklahoma, holds the honor of growing the world’s largest tomato, which he harvested from his backyard greenhouse back in 1986.

Graham grew it on the theory that if he kept letting the plant get bigger, it’d be strong enough to hold, you guessed it, a big tomato.

And the theory paid off, although not before a storm blew over the entire 12-14 foot vine into his cantaloupes. He gave up on the tomato plant, but the future world’s largest tomato had other ideas and just kept growing on its own until one day, it came time to free it from the vine.

In fact, the entire plant became record-setting when it grew to 53 feet and 6 inches, the longest tomato vine ever grown.

Graham was honored for his efforts by Miracle-Gro, who presented him with an identical in size, weight, and shape epoxy replica of his perishable feat; he jokes that it’s great fun traveling through airports with it, as it never ceases to confound personnel.

Not surprisingly, he also became the man to beat in Miracle-Gro’s $100,000 tomato-growing contest, but the closest competitors didn’t even come within a pound of Graham’s formidable fruit; the contest has since been discontinued, so now your only hope is to leap right into the hallowed halls of Guinness.

Best of luck!

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26 Responses to “World\’s Largest Tomato”

  1. James Says:

    Wow! Now THAT is what I call a tomato! Seriously, if anyone follows my tips to growing a veggie garden at my blog grows a tomato that big, that would be absolutely amazing!

    Was this a review in Guinness world records or did you find it somewhere else?

  2. michelle Says:

    Interestingly, I couldn’t find info on this on the official Guinness site, but there are various news articles on it all over the Internet–and one of them says the grower believes his CB radio is partially responsible for such a looooong vine.

    The plants closer to it grow larger than the ones that are farther away.

    So perhaps that’s another tip 😉

  3. Matthew Barcia Says:

    Hello tomato growers. This is Matthew Barcia. This past summer I helped organize NY Newsdays first tomato challenge. No I didn’t win any prize, however i grew a 1 pound 9 ounce Belgian Giant tomato. I did receive satisfaction of the several hundred Long Island tomato growers who challenged me.

  4. michelle Says:

    Wow Matthew! May not have been a prizewinner, but that sure is one big tomato! Congratulations!

  5. Eric Shackle Says:

    Hi Michelle. Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

    You may like to read a story about the world’s second-largest tomato, just posted at

    Best wishes, Eric.

  6. michelle Says:

    GREAT article Eric! I can’t believe that last year someone came so close!

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  7. Matthew Barcia Says:

    On August 16, 2008, this great tomato grower married Heather.

  8. reggieCasual Says:

    Congrats Matt!

  9. marvin long Says:

    hi i just took my biggest tommato ever to the postoffice and had it weighed,, it weighed in at 1 lb.10.6 oz, it is a german original tommato not a hybred, im saving seeds from it and am going to try for the record next year have a great day marvin

  10. michelle Says:

    Congrats on the tomato! The post office workers must’ve been quite surprised to see what you bringing in to be weighed 😉

  11. Fad Says:

    Here’s a 4-pounder my dad just pulled from his garden.

  12. michelle Says:

    WOW! Awesome Fad! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  13. Green Marketers, Stop Selling Sustainablity to the Reptiles | Says:

    […] If I’m Ragu spaghetti sauce, I’m holding a Guinness Book of World Record tomato growing contest. If I’m Park Seeds, I’m sending a free CFL with every purchase of $10 or more of my […]

  14. Matthew Barcia Says:

    The summer of 2009 was Long Islands worst tomato season.

  15. Matthew Barcia Says:

    This past summer 2009 I had my worst tomato growing season.

  16. Mateo Says:

    Wow that is a big tomato.

  17. BonBon Says:

    Just planted my tomatoes. I’m aspiring to “big” things!



  19. Ann Says:

    I just one 3rd place for a tomatoe that weighed 2.12 nice tomatoe thou… at the fair in Nj

  20. real Says:

    dido tomato man !

  21. Kwame Says:

    I have just plugged off the vine a single tomato that weighs exactly 2 lbs. It looks like the smaller of three in the bunch. The other two are still green so I’ll let them ripen some more.

  22. mcartor Says:

    Wow! I thought my 1.25 pound tomato was big! We had a huge crop of tomatoes this year in our community garden 140 pounds!

  23. Adam Daniele Says:

    About 10 years ago my grandmother grew a tomato weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce, quite a bit bigger than this tomato, it’s taken me up untill now to hink about contacting the guinness book haha

  24. bobby Says:

    may not have world record tomato but will be very close im thinking maybe the record for tomato weight on one vine wow do i have a lot of largeeeee tomatos on one vine and they are clustered 5 each spot i have 3 2 by 2 10 ft tall holding them then on back of vine 3 more 2 by 2s now i will be adding more today doing this garden in ga not much rain if i had rain this tomato would have broken record now but iffffff will post pics if i can when vine finished but has lotsssss of small tomatoes growing also now tu bobby

  25. Largest Tomato World Record Says:

    […] Tomato Casual » World’s Largest Tomato – By Michelle Fabio. Ever look at some of your larger tomatoes and wonder if they’d be in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records? Well unless they’re over 7 pounds, 12 ounces-yes folks, that’s a good-sized newborn baby-you’re out of luck. […]

  26. Phil Wellington Says:

    Dan MacCoy of Ely, Minn. broke this record in 2014 when he grew a Big Zac which weighed 8.41 pounds! The Big Zac is a red beefsteak crossed with a pink beefsteak by Minnie Zaccarias.

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