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Tomato Haters vs Tomato Lovers


Tomato Haters vs Tomato LoversBy Amelia Tucker

Since writing a tomato blog comes easy for me, it is hard to imagine NOT liking everything about this luscious fruit.

While surfing the web for fun ideas, this site called Tomatoes Are Evil came to light.

Full of fun but scary facts, this spoof on the unassuming tomato will have rolling with laughter!

There is entertainment like a tomato shooting gallery and a squish the tomato game to play. You can also buy tomato-hating posters and stickers.

Before you move on and consider this one of those blogs that can be missed, I am here to bridge the gap between tomato lovers and tomato haters:

The recipe section is great!! Hey, it is not always about tomatoes!

Check out the site, get a laugh or two and whip up some Bechamel sauce.

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