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Where Do Professional Tomato Producers Go for Info?


Where Do Professional Tomato Producers Go for Info?

By Amelia Tucker

Although it is fun to search the web and find fun, quirky sites about tomatoes, there comes a time in every tomato gardener’s day that they need cold, hard facts about raising the best, most, tastiest of the tomatoes for their area.

Where do tomato producers go to find the serious stuff like production sheets, pricing, cultivating and what is new to the tomato industry?

Here is a good place for your more serious growers to start.

Take some time to check out each link included.

Some of it is a bit dry but all of it is good, solid information for anyone wanting to create a tomato growing business without the heartache of lots of avoidable mistakes.

Here in the West, there is not much point in growing certain types of tomatoes no matter how careful you are.

The season is just too short, unpredictable and downright mean for the more fragile types.

You can however, carefully extend the season using some of the tips provided in these links, to enjoy some of the best eating tomatoes possible. Even some that are not rated for your growing area.

This is a great site to bookmark and use throughout the winter as we wait for next year’s tomato harvest.

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