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Tomato Gadgets and Gizmos


Tomato Saver

By Tomato Queen

Honestly, these are things I think I can live without.

But who am I to keep a kitchen gadget from someone’s eager hands?

Below are several seemingly useless tomato gadgets on the market; but depending on your needs, your mileage may vary:

Zyliss Tomato Peeler – Marketed as a soft peeler in the United States, this same product is marketed from several UK vendors as a “tomato peeler,” so perhaps this is considered more of a normative utensil on the other side of the pond. It seems a very tedious job to peel a raw tomato, when the skin plops right off after blanching, but blanching tomatoes isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Tomato Slicer with Pusher – How sharp can those blades be? It looks like it’s useful if you’re aiming to make a puree out of your ripe tomato.

Pedrini Stainless Steel Tomato Slicer – This one does look like it might stand a chance at slicing without mangling. But once it dulls, what then?

Tomato Holder– Oy vey!

Tomato Strainer / Press – We need this just for tomatoes, for $30 or more? Really? I would say that if you’re making a massive amount of juice or sauce and need a seedless, skinless puree –and don’t have a food mill or food processor and strainer–then yes: one of these would come in very handy indeed.

Tomato Corer– Now we’re talking. This does make faster work out of cutting the tomato nibs/cores out. That said, good luck locating wherever you keep this little thing in your utentils drawer (or wherever), since you’re only likely to use it once every few months or during tomato season.

Tomato Saver– What can I say? At least it’s cute! If a bit regimented in terms of size. I think the banana keeper makes a little more sense.

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