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Forget the Flowers: Give a Tomato Bouquet!


Forget the Flowers: Give a Tomato Bouquet!

By Tomato Queen

Trying for a little romance?

Looking for a sweet gift to a good friend or relative?

I love flowers, adore them, even; so please don’t get me wrong.

There’s no wrong occasion for flowers (Superbowl Sunday may be the exception). But for a change of pace, why not give the gift of a “bouquet” (or bowl, or basket) of heirloom tomatoes from your garden or farmer’s market?

Really, tomatoes make for a great gift. Especially while we’re at the height of the tomato harvest, with the close of the season coming upon us.

Straightforward enough, gleaming like gems in a simple bowl (and yes, they were delicious in a savory salad with fresh mozzarella); but you can certainly create your own horn’o’plenty.
Gift baskets abound from every thrift store and garage sale. Make a cardboard/paper cone and cradle in paper like an actual bouquet, if you’re so inspired.

Deck ’em out in your favorite kitsch or finery, or keep it simple with butcher paper and twine.

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  1. gift basket » Forget the Flowers: Give a Tomato Bouquet! Says:

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  2. flowers to go Says:

    Tomatoes can be an interesting alternative to flowers, but unless there’s like a set of pasta or cheese ingredients on it, they might be confused as to why they were given tomatoes in the first place.

  3. Tomato Queen Says:

    Hmm, I guess I failed to mention that a tomato bouquet makes for a welcome alternative to give *tomato-lovers*. I suppose if you showed up at a graduation or funeral, the tomato bouquet might not go over as well. Unless it’s to a tomato zealot whose love for them is well known…

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