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America\’s Oldest Blogger & His Tomato Garden

America's Oldest Blogger & His Tomato Garden

By Michelle Fabio

Tomato Casual is honored to introduce you to one of its loyal readers:

Ray “Dad” White, who at 94 years old is America’s oldest blogger and one of the most avid and “ripe” tomato gardeners around.

Although White’s East Tennessee garden is diverse, tomatoes are his favorite crop, and he always has 50 to 75 plants going every year.

So what does the man called Dad by all do with his “pretty red tomatoes?”

Well first, he takes a lot of gorgeous photos of them, which you can see in his Tomato Garden web album here. White records the progress of the tomatoes from planting to harvest, so you can trace the life of a tomato along with him.

After that, the tomatoes White doesn’t use himself go to friends and neighbors; his tomatoes aren’t for sale as his pleasure comes from seeing “people smile when they when they see them.”

In fact, smiles are quite common around White’s way, as his website regularly encourages readers to “Smile, and if you someone without one, give ‘em one of yours!!”

Inspiration abounds from all angles of White’s online space as readers are treated to regular breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as another piece of great advice: “Time is so precious — do not waste it.”

And if you need some great tomato recipes, White’s got that covered too; from fried green tomatoes to tomato jelly to salsa, you can find everything you need to know here.

So go visit Dad’s Tomato Garden Journal, say hello, and tell him that Tomato Casual sent you.

And prepare to smile.

4 Responses to “America\’s Oldest Blogger & His Tomato Garden”

  1. Ray White Says:

    Hi Michelle Fabio
    Thanks so much for the nice article in Tomato Casual. an execelent job. Come to Tennessee and I will treat you to a steak Dinner and a trip to the top of old Smokie. Bs sure that you come Smling.

  2. michelle Says:

    Ciao Dad from southern Italy! It’s such a pleasure to hear from you and to know that you enjoyed this piece. I went to college in North Carolina, so I’ve met those Smokies and wouldn’t mind seeing them again 😉

    And I *love* steak too–what an offer!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here; I can’t wait to follow your next tomato crop 🙂

  3. Ray White Says:

    Hello Michell. Thanks so much for all you do, you are the best, tell Reggie that I said Helllo.

  4. michelle Says:

    Aw Dad you make a girl blush 🙂

    Thanks so much for your continued support!

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