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Holiday Book Recommendations for Tomato Gardeners: Part III

The Heirloom TomatoBy Michelle Fabio

In Part I of our Holiday Book Recommendations, we talked about books with tomato gardening tips and in Part II, about tomato memoirs–now it’s time to get cooking. Here are some tomato cookbooks you or your tomato lover might enjoy:

The Heirloom Tomato Cookbook by Mimi Luebbermann

In this cookbook, Luebbermann, who has written nearly 20 books on gardening and cooking, offers not only delicious recipes and great photographs by Robert Holmes, she also includes information on the top 25 heirloom varieties, including growing tips and seed-purchasing information. Among the 50 recipes are Gazpacho with Cucumber Salsa Verde, Cheese and Pesto Fondue with Tomato-Focaccia Skewers, and Grilled Sea Bass with Lemon-Oregano and Tomato Relish.

The Tomato Festival Cookbook: 150 Recipes that Make the Most of Your Crop of Lush, Vine-Ripened, Sun-Warmed, Fat, Juicy, Ready-to-Burst Heirloom Tomatoes by Lawrence Davis-Hollander

Publishers Weekly says “Davis-Hollander’s first book brings together familiar preparations, like tomato sauce and ratatouille, with contemporary restaurant innovations like Blue Ginger’s Candied Tomato Tart with Five-Spiced Hazelnut Crust and exotic dishes like West African Chicken, Peanut, and Tomato Stew, along with specific recommendations for the best-tasting heirlooms for each.”

The Tomato Cookbook by Roy F. Guste

There are over 175 tomato recipes here including Flaming Tomato Punch, West African Fish, Tomato and Pepper Soup, Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes in Egg Sauce, Tomatoes Portuguese, Caribbean Black Beans and Tomatoes, and Tomato Sorbet.

Happy shopping, cooking, and eating!

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