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5 Tomato Recipes for Holiday Parties


holiday partyBy Michelle Fabio

Here are five festive recipes with tomatoes that are sure to be a hit at any holiday party:

  • Veggie Christmas Tree from Southern Food at You’ll need a 16-inch Styrofoam cone, parsley, plastic wrap, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, olives, cheeses, and decorative toothpicks.

  • Cheddar Cheese Christmas Tree from A tree featuring many different kinds of cheddar, fresh thyme, red grape tomatoes, and one large white button mushroom.

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments as found on Ritz crackers with cream cheese, sliced green onions, and tomato pieces end up looking like very festive Christmas balls.

  • Christmas Tomato Salad by Judith Sweet: A “colourful and light starter to a Christmas meal” which is comprised of whole tomatoes “with layers of the cheesy filling sandwiched through them.”

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