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Spanish Children Don\’t Eat Tomatoes?

Spanish ChildBy Michelle Fabio

So much for the myth of the Mediterranean Diet being heavy on tomatoes.

A new survey of 25,000 students in Spain revealed that nearly a quarter–23%–of 8-11 year olds have never even tried a tomato.

Of course this finding must be countered with the admission of 60% of parents that they don’t believe they feed their children as healthily as they should.

The survey was carried out by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, a group comprised primarily of food and agriculture companies in Spain that seeks to explore and disseminate information regarding the health, historical, cultural health, historical, cultural and gastronomical aspects of the Mediterranean Diet, which emphasizes eating of lots of fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, nuts, beans, and olive oil.

Part of the foundation’s program includes the introduction of basic cooking classes into the standard curriculum in Spanish schools. The goal of the classes is to introduce children to various foods and healthier eating.

As classes have already begun in some schools, surely some of that 23% who had gone this long without enjoying one of life’s simplest pleasures have already discovered the gorgeous taste of the tomato.

And surely they are grateful.

Source: Spanish school kids say no to spinach and tomatoes

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  1. pancho Says:

    How about that town in Spain, I think in Murcia, that grow tomatoes and which has the tomato throwing festival with the excess every year? Maybe they could ship them to the rest of Spain and get others involved with the tomato. I bet those who don’t eat them are Basques and Galicians. Just a guess. I can’t beleive that the Mediterranean areas don’t eat tomatoes.

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