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Is Your Cell Phone Stressing Out Your Tomatoes?

Tomato PhoneBy Michelle Fabio

If your tomatoes aren’t growing the way you’d like them to, whatever you do, don’t put out your Tomato S.O.S. call from your cell phone while hovering over them.

Why not?

Because French researchers have found that cell phones stress out tomatoes.

Scientists at the Clermont-Ferrand University have determined that within ten minutes of being exposed to cell phones’ magnetic waves, tomatoes begin releasing a molecule that normally appears only when they become damaged in some way.

Or, in other words, cell phones stress out tomatoes.

Who knew? I always thought people talking loudly in a confined space was the most annoying things about cell phones.

Of course this new finding about tomatoes calls into question whether humans are affected by cell phones in a similar way; as the potential health effects of cell phones on humans is a topic that has already received a lot of attention in both the media and in laboratories around the world, there is sure to be further research on the possibility that stress is linked to cell phones as well.

Source: Cell Phones Stress Tomatoes

4 Responses to “Is Your Cell Phone Stressing Out Your Tomatoes?”

  1. Aileen Says:

    Great find, Michelle! I’m going to cross-link on my blog. I so enjoy reading your posts (tomatoes are always a fave!), have added Tomato Casual to the blogroll. Keep up the good work!

  2. michelle Says:

    Thanks Aileen; glad you’re enjoying the posts!

  3. Good Excuse For a Tech-Free Garden at The Garden Granny Says:

    […] at Tomato Casual reported a couple of weeks ago that French researchers had discovered tomatoes hate cell phones […]

  4. vermi Says:

    Sooo, does this mean we can use our smartphones to intentionally stress our ‘maters? Sit in the middle of our garden patch, dial up our BFF, and watch blossoms, and ripe fruit with that special stress enhanced flavor, appear before our very eyes? I can hardly wait to try it.

    Hello toMoto!

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