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Tomato Allergies: Part I

TomatoBy Michelle Fabio

If you’re reading this site it’s probably because you love tomatoes (although surely some tomato haters must have guilty pleasures too).

Sadly, though, some people cannot enjoy the tomato no matter how much they would like to because of a food allergy.

How do you know if you’re allergic to tomatoes?

Allergic reactions to tomatoes could include tingling of the lips or in the mouth or even a red, itchy rash. In extreme cases, anaphylactic shock, in which breathing becomes difficult, can occur–this of course requires immediate medical attention.

If you suspect a tomato allergy, you should see a doctor or licensed allergist for testing. Many of those allergic to tomatoes are sensitive to the IgE protein in raw tomatoes, which is sometimes destroyed when tomatoes are cooked.

Accordingly cooked tomatoes may be tolerated even by those with an allergy to raw tomatoes.

Notably, people with tomato allergies may also be allergic to other members of the nightshade family such as potatoes, peppers, and eggplant, so it’s always a good idea to get allergy testing done if any reactions to these appear.

Source: Got a Tomato Allergy?

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93 Responses to “Tomato Allergies: Part I”

  1. gina Says:

    if i was allergic to tomatoes i might have to end it all. hands down its my favorite food.

  2. michelle Says:

    I hear you Gina. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t eat them anymore. It would be a sad day to say the least.

  3. Doreena Says: is a great place to go if you find out you have an allergic reaction to tomatoes. I think I may have it, and will find out on Tuesday if it is indeed what I am allergic to. I have an allergist appointment. I would much rather have this allergy than to have a gluten one, which I am hoping that this is the case.

  4. Bobby "Whataman" Jackson Says:

    What is the best over the counter allergy product that you have tried? Thanks…

  5. michelle Says:

    @ Doreena, I’m wondering if you ever found out what you’re allergic to?

    @ Bobby, for tomato allergies, I haven’t tried any, but for pollen/hay fever personal experience, I like Alleve, if that helps 😉

  6. Natalie Says:

    Thank you. This article was very informative. My boyfriend I’ve been dating for about 2 years has a tomato allergy, and I had never heard of it, so at first I didn’t believe him..but after reading this article and many others, I am very happy to now understand my lovers culinary handicap. :)

  7. michelle of bleeding espresso Says:

    It does sound unbelievable to those of us who love tomatoes so much, but unfortunately not everyone is so lucky to be able to enjoy them! Glad you found us Natalie :)

  8. jc93080 Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. My allergy is just as they describe (and confirmed by a doctor.) I can eat processed tomatoes just fine, such as tomatoe paste or even canned items, but I can not ingest a fresh tomato. I get a bright red skin rash and as my family says, actually turn “into a tomato” myself. But I’ve never loved them to begin with, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on that much :)

  9. michelle Says:

    Happy that you’ve figured out the allergy, and that we’ve been of some help. And don’t worry–I’ll eat your share of raw tomatoes :)

  10. george Says:

    To those allergic to tomato & trying “cooked” tomato dishes. Be careful. I was warned by my allergist to stop eating all forms of tomato dishes with the warning that it would eventually get more severe, and possibly lead to more severe sensitization. In fact I tested “negative” to the allergist’s scratch-test tomato test-solution. Well, being the pizza, spaghetti & taco lover I am, I continued eating dishes w/o raw tomato and only cooked tomato sauces.
    Well he was correct….it has been 10 years of foolishness and now even the “slightest” exposure to a tomato sauce and I get to use my “epi-pen” & then visit the e-Room. Beware!

  11. michelle Says:

    Thanks so much for this information, George! I’m sorry that you’ve become so sensitive :(

  12. Mark J Says:

    Am older now allgery just started. Let me tell you that itching for days is not where it,s at!

  13. michelle Says:

    Mark, no, that’s not cool at all. I’m very sorry. Itching is *awful.*

  14. Mark J Says:

    Michelle, outside of not eating them (ouch) is there anything else that can be done for this itching problem? Anyone else please join in on this, I never thought I.d need to go to tomatoe annon.

  15. george Says:

    Mark, I went through the same “issues” for the past 10 years, taking antihistamines, benadryl, chlortrimitron, etc. to minimize my reactions, but they eventually became worse.

    If you are allergic to environmentals such as pollens, dust, & molds you can try isolating yourself from these while eating tomato, since allergic reactions can be the result of accumulative environmental exposures PLUS the tomato exposure. This will minimize your tomato reaction.

  16. michelle Says:

    Mark, I was going to suggest benadryl, antihistamines, but George has been through this…listen to him I say!

  17. Mark J Says:

    Thanks guys, but I think it,s going to cold turkey for me. I can,t even look a tomatoe person in the face. Just like to say it,s nice to know there people out there like me, the world does need a support group. (laugh out loud)!!! Talk to you soon. Mark J Out!

  18. Mark J Says:

    Thanks guys!

  19. michelle Says:

    Best of luck, Mark. I hope it’s easier than it sounds!

  20. Mandy Says:

    Hi, Mark –

    Like you, my allergy progressed as I got older. I’ve been allergic to tomatoes in varying degrees for the past 20 years – to the point I can’t eat them at all the last 10 years or so.

    Here are some things I’ve learned throughout the years that you may or may not find helpful – you will learn that it can be challenging at times to avoid them…but you can – I do it every day.

    Don’t forget to check your food labels on everything you eat. It’s painful the first few trips to the grocery store but worth it. Doritos (all kinds including Ranch), French dressing, Thousand Island dressing, etc. all contain tomato powder, which can cause an equally painful reaction. The worst food for me is baked beans – I can eat certain brands/flavors, but sometimes my family forgets or adds ‘just a little bit of ketchup’.

    Also something to consider is that your allergy can span green tomato, tomatillo, and pimento as well so green salsa is not necessarily your best friend.

    You probably know this, but be cautious of eating out – I love pizza so everyone says go for the alfredo version. That’s great until they use the same cutter to cut someone else’s tomato sauce pizza in front of mine. Also not knowing what meat has been seasoned with also pushes me towards ‘safe’ foods like baked potatoes when I’m eating out. I completely avoid Pizza places, Italian, and Mexican – too much cross-contamination possible. Great alternatives though are Chinese and Cajun foods. I think Thai foods might be a possibility as well, but that’s not an option in my area.

    As far as medication to help with itching/reactions- Zyrtec is the one my doctor recommends. I take it daily as a precautionary treatment. I also keep children’s liquid benadryl on hand – it works into your system faster to help relieve symptoms. The bottle does have the adult dosage listed on it as well. I carry an epi-pen always as a precaution and also keep children’s fast-melt benadryls in my purse while I’m out and about.

    As far as topical relief, Aveeno makes a soothing oatmeal bath and makes a baby bath wash product for itchy skin – I highly recommend both when you need some additional relief. Remember that hot water makes it worse because it adds to the swelling/irritation – lukewarm is best. Believe me – chills on top of hives are awful.

    If you have severe reactions, please consider getting a medical bracelet/id. I never thought I’d need one, but when you’re having an allergic reaction, sometimes you can’t talk. People around you need to know what to do and will feel better if you have one.

    Best of luck to you.

  21. michelle Says:

    Thank you *so* much for taking the time to add this information, Mandy. You will help many, many tomato allergy sufferers!

  22. Alicia Says:

    Well, reading what Mandy wrote was an eye-opener. I have been dealing with my tomato allergy for 20 years, and until now I never thought to look online for others like myself! I don’t know why it took me so long!

    I have found some of the same foods as Mandy spoke of, also bother me. I had to learn the hard way. Doritos chips are a big one which most people wouldn’t think of as containing a tomato product. It is nice to hear I’m not crazy – that there are others out there that feel the way I do. Here are some others which bother me: Ketchup (of course), BBQ sauce, taco sauce, taco seasoning, peppers, onions, Lipton Onion Soup Mix, Sweet and Sour Chicken, (lots of Chinese food if there is peppers, etc in it) and Meatloaf (if there is onions, ketchup & certain types of seasoning). There is much more to list, so I will have to sit down and really think about it.

    My symptoms include, itching or burning lips; red and itchy spots on my legs and face; itchy eyes; and most of all, my hands get red and itchy. If you look real close, you can see tiny little blisters under the skin. My hands get so broke out that they crack and bleed. It gets worse if I’m hot. Heat is the enemy when my allergy is at it’s worse.

  23. michelle Says:

    Wow Alicia, thanks so much for running down some of the things you’re allergic to; I’m sure this will help lots of people avoid all that burning, itching, and uncomfortableness!

  24. Dave Says:

    I’ve read all the posts on this site. I hate to say it, but I was just diagnosed with a tomato allergy yesterday. I’m still shocked. I’ve eaten pizza, spaghetti, tacos, you name it, for years and years (I’m 36). I’ve also been diagnosed with eosophilic esophagitis. I have scar tissue in my esaphagus now that will never go away, a stricture caused by eating obviously these foods (I’m also allergic to eggs, most tree nuts, and chicken) and now have to radically restrict what was already a pretty restrictive diet. To say I’m a little scared is an understatement. Some people tell me I must have a nervous condition that’s caused all this to happen, but that doesn’t seem to be supported by the research.

  25. George Says:

    Anybody have some good non-tomato salsa or italian recipes they can share? A non-tomato spaghetti or pizza sauce recipe, or salza would sure be nice to try.


  26. dave Says:

    i,m just starting to find out what is wrong with me, now that i,m under an immunologist..hazelnut and kiwi fruit, housedust mites and cats and dogs, and grass pollen seem to be the culprits…but i don,t eat these things and i,m still having very bad reactions…sore itchy skin ..please help.

  27. Rick E Says:

    GMO – tomatoes
    Symptoms small water blisters, itchy on hands, areas appear reddish in color. Blisters are small, clear…

    Eventually dry to produce dry flaky skin on hands.
    Though cracking around finger joints.

  28. Joanna Says:

    Thank you all for the information. I just found out that I’m allergic to tomatoes and all tomato products. In my case, seems to be familial, my father and sister both developed a tomato allergy in their 50’s (like me). However, after about 10 years they were able to eat tomatoes again. Is that common??

    I know people have much worse medical problems, but a tomato allergy is really annoying!

  29. dottie Says:

    Today I had a reaction to tomato. Afew days ago I had some cherry tomatoes and noticed a little itching and a few hives. They come up and they go down. Today was different I go all itchy and the hives came up and red itchy skin all over.

    Tonight not thinking we had pizza a few hives came up and itchy again. I’m getting worried about this and am going to buy that benadryl on Thursday.

    I have a doctor’s appt on Monday so I will mention it to him as well.

    My main fear after reading about what can happen is we live 20 minutes outside the only town with a hospital and that has me worried.

    I have the tingling around the mouth as well, I don’t know if a worse episode is on the way or not.

  30. Mandy Says:

    Dottie –

    It’s definitely scary to feel so far away from medical attention. When you see your doctor on Monday, I would ask him about a prescription for an Epi-Pen. I, too, live outside of town, and I feel so much better knowing I have that available to help me until I can get to the ER. You may carry it and never have to use it, but just the peace of mind is well worth it.

    I would definitely keep Benadryl on hand – liquid Children’s Benadryl will get into your system faster. I also suggest Fast-melts (or they have the tubes of liquid now) to carry in your purse. You just need to take an adult dose of it – Children’s Liquid Benadryl will have the adult dosage instructions on it.

    If you suspect a reaction, the sooner the Benadryl is into your system, the better. A late-night stomach ache can be a tell-tale sign for me of a reaction (I often have what I call ‘delayed’ reactions), so unless I just know I have the stomach flu – I take Benadryl immediately if I wake up with any kind of stomach ache.

    You may have a ‘pre-warning’ sign so that might help you figure out when you are about to have a reaction. I have a couple. During the day if it is an immediate reaction, my hands will turn red and start itching. Like I mentioned earlier, if it’s a delayed reaction, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache.

    If it is a tomato allergy, I posted some things earlier that I have to watch that might be good for you to review. I know it is not pleasant or easy to give up so many foods that you love, but I’ve discovered doing without is much better than the alternative.

    The other thing I highly recommend is a med id – when having a reaction, you do not always have the capability to speak. You may never need it, but it may give you some peace of mind to know that information is available to medical personnel if needed.

    Best of luck to you.

  31. dottie Says:

    Thank you Mandy I bought the benedryl but not the childrens liquid i’ll pic that up today. Never thought liquid, but yes that would be much faster. I haven’t seen the fast-melts as of yet, maybe their not here yet. I’m in Canada.

    Definitely will mention that prescription to the doctor on Monday. I’ll look into the med id as well.

    Thanks and I’ll read through the things you have posted as well.


  32. john Says:

    age 72. right leg started itching me recently. very red from all the scratching. possible cause-tomato sauce although I also take medications which may have something to do with it. My suspicion is that the tomato sauce may be the culprit even though I have never been bothered by it previously. Any ideas?

  33. Lena Says:

    Has anybody had sinus issues flare ups as a result of a tomato intolerance? I have chronic sinusitis, and I am starting to see a pattern when ingesting tomato products and fresh tomatoes

  34. amy Says:

    My daughter has been diagnosed with tomato allergy. As well as strawberry, orange, carrot, watermelon and apple. Although her allergies appear to be only to raw products and her symptoms include itchy,tingly mouth lips and tongue, we were told this is unlikely to get worse. I would love feed back on anyones thoughts regarding the possibility of these allergy symptoms getting worse. She does also suffer extreme sinusitis, hayfever and mild asthma

  35. Marsha Says:

    Every August my face breaks out with small hard blemishes I wonder if it is tomatoes out of my garden or just August.

  36. Kristian Says:


    I have also had chronic sinusitis as a result of a tomato intolerance. As soon as I cut them out of my diet I was completely fine. No more swolen eyes! I suggest you do the same. I think there may be something else as I still get a few flare ups after eating. Trying to work out what it could be.

  37. Deb Says:

    I became allergic to tomatoes shortly after the birth of my first child. I can not have even a drop of fresh juice, or about 8 hours later, I’m am extremely sick. I can have sauce if it is cooked to nothing. (Like I can have Ragu, but not Prego…cuz it’s not cooked down to pure sauce.) I have been told that maybe I shouldn’t have those because it could get worse. For years, I would sometimes get sick after cross contamination…but now I ask subway etc to change gloves/knives…and they will also often get a fresh bag of lettuce if it is placed to close to the tomatoes in the prep area…and things have gotten better. I’ve also taken some mangosteen, and it’s supposed to help allergies, although I’m not faithful about taking it. I’m not sure what the difference is, but it’s been better, after 15 years of misery. I also learned to take anti-histimines if I think I MIGHT have gotten some cross-contamination…or I bite into something and see a tomatoe even when an item was ordered without….and that has helped a lot. I still get sick, and it lasts for a couple days instead of hours…but I can function, instead of being about dehydrated on the bathroom floor! I can’t believe it took years for doctors to tell me anti-histimines would help…I just thought they were for ‘nose’/hayfever type allergies! So, in case anyone else didn’t figure that out…there ya go. I also think the mangosteen might be worth a try.

  38. Stephanie Says:

    My boyfriend tok me out to a nice dinner tonight and I ordered parm crusted sizzling chicken and the cheese on the underside of the chicken had diced tomatoes and my angel hair pasta had them as well told the waiter and he didn’t tell the chef..hate that…..I thought they were cooked. And now I am going to the ER! Yay..:( not fun I’ve had my allergy since I was 2

  39. Paul Says:

    I ate spaghetti when I was very young. When I was 5 I ate a slice of pizza and got very sick. After that anything with tomatoes made me sick. Even the odor from cooking made me nauseous. I learned to live without but had to avoid people and situations and people treat you like it is in your head. For some reason the women interestedi me always ended up to be at least part Italian. It is good to find this site and know that I am not alone.

  40. clyde fant Says:

    Two days ago I had my first! allergic reaction to tomatoes after 74 years of eating and LOVING them! Short version: Went fast to ER. Fiery red, throat swelled, couldn’t talk or think well, felt in slow motion, 3 RNs, one pulmonary specialist + head ER doctor, working fast. Blood pressure initially in 40s, then spiked to 246 over 184. i felt like I was sinking thru the table. The put me on IV drip, injections, etc. After 1 hour, slowly returned to normal. The itching, burning was the least of it. Kept me overnight, did a sscan of the brain (afraid of stroke), heart monitor all night.

    All I had done was eat three inch samples of heirloom tomatoes at an upscale Farmers Market. Do they have more zap than normal?

  41. mark Says:

    I am alleric(i get the whole swelling up of the mouth and airpasseges as well as red rashes that weep.) to tomatoes, more specifically raw tomatoes. Luckily i can still have canned and cooked products otherwise i do not know what i would do. I hardly ever order salads at resteraunts because normlly they have a few of the ingredients pre packaged together meaning if you ask for no tomato there is still going to be tomato juice all through the salad. I’m Australia and also have allergies to watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew,(and also most grasses) sad thing you cannot really cook watermelon so i cannot have it at all. I a doctor told me something about cross pollenation between plants and grasses,basically the grasses which im allergic to pollenate with the plants eg. watermelon. In north america it happens with ragwort, mugwort and birch pollens.
    I just wish i had no allergies. That would bea dream come true. And i understand the love hate relationship for grass allergie sufferers to spring, we love that warmer weather has arrived but it also means that pollens are out. p.s sorry for getting off topic from tomatoes.

  42. nice Says:


    I’ve read that tomato is a good facial cleanser and good against acne. I’ve tried using it – just cut tomato in two and applied its juice on the face. My acnes have dried up. But, after a couple of days, I noticed rashes on my face, they’re red and a little itchy. Not sure if it was the tomato that caused this.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  43. Gabrielle Says:

    OMG I’m normal I thaught I was the only one, very glad to know that I’m not alone and that others share the same allergie!

  44. Gabrielle Says:

    They give me cold sores and rashes!

  45. patti Says:

    I have just figured out I am allergic to tomatoes. This is after a couple of years of them causing stomach burning. While I am cutting out all tomato products since my reactions are getting much worse with each exposure, I have found glycolic acid is helpful in getting rid of the rash. It dries the blisters up over night, leaving only a red place which is gone in a day or so. This is yuck.

  46. Francesca Says:

    Hey I’m 22 and have been allergic to tomatoes since I was 3. Quercatin is a great all natural antihistamine that doesn’t give the drowsy effects of benedryl. Usually works for me before I feel an attack coming on and there’s basically no limit to how much you can take. I was so tired of being doped out and on another planet because of benedryl. I still carry it, but always reach for quercatin first. May be worth a try if you ask your dr.

  47. Josie Iglesias Says:

    I’m in total SHOCK, from reading comments and info. on this website….all this time, and I think I just figured it out…its the tomato and maybee the potato. Im calling my Dr. ASAP on Monday.

  48. Crystal Says:

    As a child I was allergic to tomatoes my arms and legs would break out but as far as I can remember that was the extent of my allergy. I have always loved tomatoes and continued to eat them even when being told not to. I eventually out grew this allergy. But recently (I’m 24) I have started itching terribly. Is it possible to have the allergy come back? I don’t have insurance or I’d go to the doctor to find out but I really need advise. The itching is terrible and would love to find the source of the itch.

  49. Leah Says:

    Crystal, maybe you could try eliminating tomatoes for a couple of weeks and see if the itching stops. Sometimes even when you have a positive test result, especially if it was a low score, the immunologist will still try an elimination diet to see if it a true allergy. I went into anaphylaxis one night after eating a meal containing 5 foods I later found out I was allergic to. Tomato was one of them. I love mexican and italian, but no more for me!

  50. Logan Says:

    My job forces me to dice and slice 40+ tomatoes at a time. Almost immediately my hands start to burn and itch. Then they turn red. By the time I get home they have cracked bleed and become severly dry. I wake up in the night scratching. I’ve told my bosses I’m allergic. They think I’m crazy and making it up.
    Am I allergic? Should I go to a doctor and get proof and then take tht to my bosses?
    Btw. I’ve never really eaten tomatoes. Could never stand the taste. I hate marinara sauce, pizza sauce etc. The only thing I eat is ketchup.
    I’ve nvr had a reaction from eating them just when cutting them(& I wear gloves)

  51. Mo Says:

    My daughter appears to be allergic to tomato products. She doesn’t get sick or anything, but when she eats spaghetti sauce, pizza, lasanga, etc., she develops a rash all around her mouth. She’s 14 now, and had eczema when she was a baby, and this looks similar, but the only time it happens is when she’s eaten some type of tomato sauce. She doesn’t like fresh tomatoes anyway, so we’ve never seen anything there. The rash will last for several days, but this most recent flareup was worse because she had spaghetti, then 3 days later had pizza. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  52. aMBER Says:


  53. Christa Says:

    Has anyone ever had an itchy head from eating tomatoes? My daughter’s head will itch so bad that she is in tears. Her scalp looks very healthy. I am thinking it might be tomatoes because her lips burn when she eats some tomato products but I have never heard if someone’s scalp itching.

  54. Dottie Says:

    My scalp doesn’t itch when i have a reaction to tomato but when i use hair dye it does. I think allergies react differently on different people. I do carry and epi-pen for my tomato allergy though. Have your daughter checked out, especially if her lips are burning, dont’ take the chance.

  55. Amber Says:

    i have a question guys i thought i developed a tomatoe allergy two almost three years ago aftr my third baby i ate spaghetti one night and within thirty minutes(may have started before i ate cant member i know hives definantly came after) i had stomach cramps itchy head palms and soles and broke out in hives all over that would come and go for 8 days(i took no medicine as i had a newborn) anyway i got really scared to try tomatoes again with the fear of an anaphalatic reaction. i went to allergist they drew my blood and sent it off to see if i was allergic it was negative so they did skin test it did raise like a mosquito bite but they said it was negative cause it was the size of the negative control not the positive so i then brought in a real tomatoe and they did skin test with its juice and it didnt raise at all so it was negative(i wondered if she used enough juice and did it right as she had never done with actual food item). so then i came in and ate bout three tablespoons of canned diced tomatoes and was fine til bout five hours later i thought my throat felt tight though i do that a lot with anxiety the allergist said if it was the tomatoes it wouldve been alot sooner as the first reaction started happening while eating the spaghetti(possibly before) and then developed rapidly within the first thiry minutes after… i waited bout a year and finally got brave enough to eat two pieces of pizzas and was fine (which on a pizza total their is only a half cup of sauce which wouldve left me eating only like three teaspoons or tablespoons i cant member correctly the math part it was one or the other) so the next night i went to eat spaghetti and took two bites and sneezed and thought i had a little itchy spot on my back i freaked out and ate something else… question is for those of you with tomatoe allergy especially the severe kind could you tolerate eating two pieces of pizza and not develop symptoms?

  56. Dottie Says:

    My reaction was the same way as yours and the next reactions were the same as yours as well, they didn’t happen right away. I also went for the skin test and had about the same results, the doctor however said that since I had the first reaction and it was so bad, that she would definitely say I was allergic to it, because I had the reaction.

    Since than if I touch tomato, or accidently get some in my mouth the same thing happens and I itch. To me its not worth taking the chance.

    Someone told me our bodies change x amount of times and what your allergic to for x amount of years, you may outgrow. I had an egg allergy a few months after my daughter was born and its only been 3 years now that that allergy is gone and I can eat eggs again.

    But I am also finding I have the itchy reaction when I use hair dye, so I try to watch out for as much as I can. Kind of scary to live your life like that though.

    It may or may not be a true allergy there are allergies and there are….intolerances. Ask your doctor I believe they are different.

  57. Amber Says:

    would you be able to tolerate eating two pieces of pizza with absolutely no symptons though that is what i did and no reaction at all

  58. Steven Forbes Says:

    Hello Michelle Fabio, My wife cut several tomatoes and put them on a mesh screen to dry them outside. when it got dark outside she brought them into the dining area and put them on the table where I was working on my computor and she put 4 trays 2 feet by 2 feet of sliced tomatoes. After about 5 minutes my skin started to itch. my wife said it was in my head but the next morning when I got up I went to my computer and about 5 minutes I could feel the damp air from the tomatoes and my skin started to itch. I have looked online and have only found articles about eating tomatoes which cause itching etc. but not from the gases or fumes from the tomatoe. Does the fumes cause anything else to the lungs or eyes? or maybe to plants nearby? Will the acid from the fumes cause damage to any cloth on the sofa or art work on the wall? Please let me know.
    Thank you, Steven Forbes of Ventura Ca.

  59. Jennifer Says:

    My 8 year old daughter seems to have an allergy to tomatoes. She only has a reaction, though, to raw tomatoes. She doesn’t get itchy or swollen, instead several hours after ingesting them it just comes back up. Other than that she appears fine. She eats pizza and salsa without any problems. Has anyone else had this kind of reaction (throwing up)?

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