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Tomato Allergies: Part II

Tomato AllergyBy Michelle Fabio

In the first part of the Tomato Allergies series, we discussed how to identify and diagnosis a tomato allergy.

Now what if it turns out there is such a reaction to tomato products? What’s a tomato lover to do?

One option is to turn to Nomato products: tomato-free sauce, ketchup, barbecue, and salsa.

Nomato tomato-free products were born when a woman named Norine started “experimenting with various vegetables and seasonings” because her granddaughter Hannah was allergic to tomatoes and couldn’t so much as have a slice of pizza or ketchup with her french fries.

Once Norine perfected her no-tomato concoctions, Hannah was free to have pizza, ketchup, and more. As “The Nomato Tale” goes, “Hannah has more variety in her meals” and she “lived happily ever after.”

Along with available products and store locations, on the Nomato site you can also find recipes for Nomato chili, rice and beans, pizza, and soup.

And everyone can enjoy the taste of a tomato.

For more information: Nomato: Tomato-Free Products

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    Most allergies can be treated by corticosteroids and also some antihistamine blockers.~~;

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