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Growing Tomatoes in the Den

tomato-news.JPGBy Michelle Fabio

Some of you out there may want to grow tomatoes but don’t have the ground or even a balcony big enough to accommodate the pots.

Well Barbara and Henry Ward just may have the answer for you: why not try growing tomatoes in your den?

Believe it or not, this unorthodox tomato-growing setting allowed the Wards to eat homegrown tomatoes all throughout the winter as they collected tomatoes from the unlabeled plants they had bought last August at Wal-Mart.

When Henry got tired of moving the pots back and forth between the yard and the garage when it the weather changed, Barbara suggested they position the plants in the den in front of southeast-facing window.

And the tomatoes have just kept blossoming, quite literally.

Barbara’s growing tip? A squirt of diluted Miracle Gro once a week.

So long as you have a nice sunny spot in your house, you, too, may be able to enjoy homegrown tomatoes year round.

Source: Kathie Rowell: No greenhouse for tomatoes? Not a problem

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