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Killer Tomatoes Primed for New Attack

Attack of Killer TomatoesBy Michelle Fabio

Yes, you read that correctly.

The 1978 cult classic film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! is about to get replanted in a theater near you.

The creators of Internet sensation “Ask a Ninja,” Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, are teaming up to write the new version, which Nichols will direct. No word yet on whether the original plot will change, but one thing is clear: killer tomatoes will be featured.

Nichols has nothing but the utmost respect for the original film, from which followed not only a cartoon series but also a sequel that starred a little-known actor by the name of George Clooney:

“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! is the masterwork of a generation,” Nichols stated. “We can only aspire to recapture that magic.”

Remakes are always a tough sell in Hollywood, but the second coming of the Killer Tomatoes–a film sometimes given the dubious honor as the worst of all time–just may have a more difficult time than most; movie review site Rotten Tomatoes has already openly wondered whether the new version will top the original’s (low) score of 27 on the Tomatometer.

Will you go to see it?

Source: ‘Killer Tomatoes’ ripe for remake

3 Responses to “Killer Tomatoes Primed for New Attack”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    I probably wouldn’t go to see it, unless it was to see how it compared with the original…which was bad. 🙂

  2. deb Says:

    I never saw the first one. Maybe a campy old horror movie night is in order.

  3. michelle Says:

    I haven’t seen the original either, but I can take Nancy’s word for it…unless…Deb’s idea is interesting. And maybe I’d add in some great tomato-themed appetizers so at least something will be good that evening 😉

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