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Tomato Workshop in Alabama

AlabamaBy Michelle Fabio

On Thursday, April 24, tomato lovers will be converging on Andalusia, Alabama for a backyard tomato production workshop.

Topics covered will include soil and site preparation, transplanting, staking and caging, varieties of tomatoes, food safety, and preparation.

Stan Windham, Coffee County Extension Coordinator, said that the workshop was organized to help answer the many questions that have been coming in to his office about tomato growing.

“We always have phone calls from the public wanting to know how to prepare the soil and other factors,” Windham said. “We go through answering a lot of questions about growing tomatoes from those who want to grow them in patio pots or people who have large gardens.”

The workshop, which costs $10, will be held on April 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the USDA Agriculture Service Center in Andalusia, but space is limited to 40 gardeners. Send applications to Covington County Extension, P. O. Box 519, Andalusia, AL 36420 or contact the Coffee County Extension System at 894-5596.

Also, readers, if you know of any tomato workshops, conferences, etc., in your area, please let us know so that we can feature them here!

For more information: Backyard Tomato Workshop scheduled in Andalusia

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  1. Michael Nolan Says:

    Wow, you’d think with this being in my state and only three hours or so away I would have known about it before now, but that wasn’t the case. This is a great heads-up for me! Who knows, I may even be able to manage my time and actually attend.


  2. michelle Says:

    I definitely thought of you when I saw this Michael. These things often aren’t publicized too well, which is why I ask readers to forward any tomato events to us so we can get the word out!

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