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Tomato Personals: Companion Plants Made Easy

Tomato CompanionBy Kira Hamman

Single red heirloom, tall but not leggy, seeks companion for cohabitation and mutual benefit.

Me: high-maintenance star of the show.

You: supporting player, not afraid to play second fiddle. Let’s complement each other’s needs!

Asparagus: I like to star, too, but I’m in a different show. Mine will be over by the time yours really gets started, so we’re perfect for each other! Plus, I’ll kill the nematodes that bother your lovely roots, while you keep those pesky asparagus beetles at bay for me.

Basil: Well, we taste delicious in the same dishes, so are you surprised that we’ll grow well together? I’ll improve your flavor (not that you need it) and increase your growth.

Garlic: Nothing eats me but humans (weirdoes), so anything growing near me is pretty safe. And although I don’t mature as early as asparagus, I don’t spread out like him, so I won’t crowd you.

Marigold & Nasturtium: Not to brag, but we are the perfect companions for just about anyone. Marigold produces a natural pesticide that protects his companions, while nasturtium will sacrifice himself to the aphids for you and attract a host of beneficial insects in the bargain. Oh, and did we mention that we’re beautiful?

Take your pick — you really can’t go wrong!

8 Responses to “Tomato Personals: Companion Plants Made Easy”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    What a delightful and entertaining post! Informative, too. 🙂

  2. our friend Ben Says:

    Ha!!! Great post, Kira! I was just writing about companion planting myself on Poor Richard’s Almanac this morning, but not in such an entertaining way. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh!!!

  3. deb Says:

    Great information. I had no idea about the asparagus.

  4. Michael Nolan Says:

    I’m so glad we have a sense of humor around here. This makes my work day so much easier to deal with.

    Great post, Kira.

  5. Kira Says:

    Glad I could bring a bit of levity to everyone’s Monday!

  6. Vanessa Richins Says:

    This is awesome! I love your style.

  7. Ether Says:

    no mention of carrots?

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