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TC Spotlight: Aunt Debbi\’s Garden

Aunt Debbi's GardenBy Michael Nolan

Here at Tomato Casual there are so many wonderful regular visitors who make this site a warm and welcoming place for one and all.

This week I’m going to put the TC spotlight on one of our best and brightest — Debbie Middleton from Aunt Debbi’s Garden.

A self-described “forty-something” mommy gardener from North Texas, Deb’s blog is a never-ending journey through the loves of her life. As a wife and mother of three boys, two rabbits, two cats and a German Shepherd, I wonder how she manages to do much other than take care of them all, but Deb assures us all that she manages to start and maintain her home garden each and every year, albeit on small scale. Still, that small plot turns into what she calls ‘a very productive jungle during our North Texas summers’.

Deb took up gardening at twelve with the coaxing of her grandfather “Daddy Jake”, a dirt farmer and cattle / sheep rancher who she tells me, ‘cussed in German’. It was Daddy Jake who gave Deb her first taste of gardening and her love for the tomato, but she has since branched out into other vegetables and herbs as well. It is good to keep some balance to our tomato obsession, I’d have to say.

It is Deb’s love for the heirloom tomato varieties that first caught my attention, along with the discovery that she — much like myself — tends to wander off on tangents based on whatever pops up on her radar at the time.

“I cannot stay on topic” she said. “I will wander off into blogging about butterflies as soon as they show up. Keep talking to and writing about the tomatoes. I’m loving it.“

Thanks for the kind words, Deb. I promise to keep on writing about my tomatoes as long as there are great folks like you out there reading and enjoying!

Be sure to stop by Aunt Debbi’s Garden and tell her Tomato Casual sent ya!

2 Responses to “TC Spotlight: Aunt Debbi\’s Garden”

  1. our friend Ben Says:

    Great post, Michael! Aunt Debbi and her brood are such a hoot. You never know what she’ll be posting about next, but whatever it is, be prepared to laugh!

  2. deb Says:

    Michael, Thank you so much. I am really honored and blushing a little.

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