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Tomato Berries: Heart-Shaped Tomatoes Are Here!

By Michelle Fabio

I would bet that many of us tomato lovers have looked at certain cherry tomatoes and thought they resembled hearts.

Maybe at the time we thought it was just our pure adoration of tomatoes talking, but now when you look at a mini-tomato, you just may be seeing the symbol of love in our favorite fruit.

The award-winning “Tomato Berries” by Tokita Seed Company are, indeed, heart-shaped and are being featured in restaurants throughout Japan.

And they may soon be found in a market or eating establishment as the little love tomatoes made a great impression at an international fruit fair in Berlin, Germany earlier this year; they were named the world’s third most revolutionary product.

Tokita Seed’s president, Iwao Tokita, came up with the new tomato about four years ago, but he was unhappy with the shape. He considered it a complete failure and even “rotten.”

But then his daughter saw them and convinced him that they were actually quite cute, and the inventor took his new tomato on the road–and was greeted with nothing but love in Germany.

Are you hearting the new Tomato Berries?

Source: Saitama seed company puts some heart into ‘rotten’ tomatoes

11 Responses to “Tomato Berries: Heart-Shaped Tomatoes Are Here!”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    What a great way to dress up a salad plate!

  2. Jane Marie Says:

    I hope it’s not long before we can get a chance to try these out. I’m so glad you told us about them.

  3. deb Says:

    I want, I want.

  4. bleeding espresso Says:

    I hope they come over soon too! Too cute to miss 🙂

  5. kathy ashbaugh Says:

    I think these are the tomatoes I tested for a Garden Club magazine. Only 2 out of 10 seeds germinated but we got hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes from each plant and each plant grew over 5 feet high. They were called cherry-berry tomatoes and were from Japan. We saved some seeds so we could grow them this year cause we thought they were the best cherry tomatoes we ever had. I wanted only two plants, but 39 seeds germinated so now every one we know that has a garden also has cherry-berry tomatoes.

  6. michelle Says:

    Oh how great Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing this info…and congratulations on finding yourself a fabulous cherry tomato 🙂

  7. simon Says:

    amazing Kathy ! seeds from F1 material … you are the first, as far as I know ..

  8. kathy ashbaugh Says:

    This is the third year we are growing these tomatoes from seeds we saved. We only wanted a few but about 60 sprouted.So again everyone that we know that has a garden will get some and maybe I’ll sell some at my daughter-in-laws rummage. We really like these cause they don’t split like other cherry tomatoes and seem to last alot longer in bowls without rotting. and they taste good too.

  9. Linda Says:

    Kathy A.: So happy to finally get some firsthand info on these little guys. I fell in love with a picture of them and found a source for some plants. I’ve put them in Topsy-Turvy planters; but have them in the greenhouse, because our nights still drop into the 30-40’s. Do you have any “helpful” hints for raising them? And, are their skins tough? Would appreciate any growing tips you can give.
    Thank you for any help you might provide.
    Happy gardening!!!

  10. Linda Says:

    PS: Me again; Are these tomatoes determinate or indeterminate?
    Thanks again.

  11. Tanny Lee Says:

    I love it too. I just got to know it from the December Agro World magazine. I have ordered the seeds to plant. The heart shape tomatoes will be available in the coming Valentine Day in Malaysia. Cheers

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