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Why to Choose Tomato Plants as Wedding Favors

By Michelle Fabio

June, the traditional month of weddings, is upon us, and from what many of my friends have told me, choosing inexpensive, unique, and appreciated wedding favors can be a difficult task–but for tomato lovers, it doesn’t have to be!

Treat your guests to some tomato plants, recommends David Goforth, horticulture and forestry agent with the Cabarrus Center of the NC Cooperative Extension Service who answers questions through the Charlotte Observer’s Master Gardeners column.

Goforth notes that tomatoes are hardy plants that can easily be “tucked into flower beds,” so they would be great even inexperienced growers; you may even end up inspiring some people who never thought they could be gardeners to try even more plants next season.

The Earth-friendliness of the gesture is another bonus, as you would be encouraging your guests to grow their own food and as, Goforth notes, “reduce our carbon footprint.”

Another tip from Goforth is to be sure to wait until as close the wedding as possible to pick up your plants to ensure the best quality.

And I will add, why not include a little tomato love poem–something like Pablo Neruda’s poem “Ode to Tomatoes”–on the tag of the plant, and remember to thank your guests for coming and sharing your love!

Source: Tomato plants make fun, green wedding favors

4 Responses to “Why to Choose Tomato Plants as Wedding Favors”

  1. deb Says:

    great idea

  2. Nancy Bond Says:

    What a wonderful and unique idea! I’ve been to weddings where tree seedlings were given as favors, but never tomatoes! And why not?

  3. Alan Shutko Says:

    It’s not necessarily a good idea to burden people with the upkeep of a plant. Many of your guests may not have space to plant the tomatoes, or time and energy needed to make them fruitful. (For instance, I have a garden, but don’t plant tomatoes because the local wildlife gets all the tomatoes before I do.)

  4. bleeding espresso Says:

    I thought it was a fun idea too–thanks to David Goforth!

    As for burdening guests, I personally think a lot of wedding/party favors are a burden to keep around (many are so tacky!); at least with a tomato plant, people who couldn’t or didn’t want to take care of them could pass them off to someone who would love to do so 😉

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