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Online Tool for Diagnosing Tomato Problems

By Michelle Fabio

A world free of tomato-growing problems would be perfect indeed, but Tomato Casual has found a fabulous online tool for when your leaves show brown spots with yellow halos or the blossom ends of your tomatoes turn black.

The Tomato Problem Solver from the Aggie Horticulture team at Texas A & M can help you diagnose and treat your tomato growing difficulties.

From the home page of the user-friendly Tomato Problem Solver, you can choose a general tomato disorder from the choices: Green Fruit, Ripe Fruit, Leaf, Stem, and Root.

From there are you taken to a series of photos that show the most common problems tomato growers encounter.

Simply choose the photo that best matches the issue you’re having, and the Tomato Problem Solver will tell you the name of the problem, its symptoms, and also how to control the damage.

By the way, if you’re curious about those brown spots with yellow halos? It is called Bacterial Speck and can be controlled by minimizing the amount of water that hits your leaves and/or by using copper sprays.

The black blossom ends are classic signs of “Blossom End Rot,” which requires that you pay special attention to regulating irrigation, mulching, and fertilization; for more specifics, visit the Tomato Problem Solver!

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  1. Caryn Webb Says:


    Could you contact me via e-mail. I would like to blog about your blog on my Active Rain blog and of course provide links and give you credit!

    Caryn Webb

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  3. ben m. scheller Says:

    I typically end the summer with tomatoes that are yellow and hard on the top third of the fruit. Can anyone tell me what causes this. Thanks.

  4. Tomato Casual »  TC Flashback: Tomato Blight and Diagnoising Tomato Problems Says:

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  5. Ahmet Says:

    if you send me the pics of your tomato fruits, i can help you.



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  7. Growing organic tomatoes Says:

    I bookmarked this page two years back and come back here whenever I need any suggestion. This is a timeless piece of article on tomato gardening and a guide to get good harvest.

  8. Gordon Says:

    I am a long time tomato grower and usually have 5-7 varities planted in my garden. All are started from seeds in the house. I have lost about 30% of my plants for no known reason that I can think of. The stems appear to dry out and become woody for several inches from ground level, they died very quickly within 2 days or so. Looking at the roots after they have died shows very little root and yet these plants are over 2 mon ths old and were 6 to 12 inches tall in the garden.
    What could this Be soil or bug problem ??


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