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Dried Tomatoes

Tomato DriedBy Thomas Cenci

So if you’re like me and you don’t have the weather to make your own sun dried tomatoes, because you live England or in a country which rains all year round, and seems to only have two weeks of sunshine, then don’t fret, because with this recipe you can make them all year round even if it’s snowing.

All you need is some tomatoes (obviously), olive oil, salt, pepper, and some garlic and thyme (both optional), you can use any tomatoes you like, but I prefer to use either cherry or baby plum as they dry out quicker, you can also use any herb you like such as rosemary or even dried coriander for that little twist.

Simply cut the tomatoes into halves or quarters (depending on their size) and place into a large bowl, finely chop the garlic and thyme and add to the tomatoes, drizzle with the olive oil, then season with salt and pepper, give the contents a good mix and then arrange the tomatoes neatly onto a baking tray or sheet (it doesn’t matter if any liquid or seeds are lost as this will only help in drying quicker).

Now you can either place the tray above your oven, or somewhere near the heat of the oven (on top of a cupboard for example), for about 2 to 3 days to dry or if you’re really impatient, you can place the tray into the oven at about 60.C for 1 or 2 days.

Be careful not to dry them too much as they can become chewy, just keep an eye on them and when they reach your desired consistency, eat them, or store them, or do whatever you like to them, but you will end up with fantastically soft and succulent dried tomatoes all year round.

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  1. deb Says:

    Yummy yummy yummy

  2. kyle Says:


    You give the info for everyone from a veteran gardener to the beginner. One vegtable and so much to say about it. It is the anchor crop of the garden/table?

  3. Says:

    So glad you enjoy what we do here Kyle!

    We try to keep it fresh, 365 days a year – one focus — the tomato. Thanks so much for being a part of our community.


    -reggie (aka “reggieCasual”)

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