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FOX TV News Features Tomato Casual And Urban Garden Casual

Tomato Casual and Urban Garden Casual were recently featured on “Rick’s RSS” segment on FOX 61 News in Connecticut.

Rick Hancock interviewed Reggie Solomon, about his blogs during the FOX News show’s weekly segment that let’s you know what’s hot on the web and what’s tops in technology.

If you ever wanted to check out Reggie’s backyard garden and tomatoes, here’s your chance.  Many kudos to Rick Hancock for choosing to keep it casual.

8 Responses to “FOX TV News Features Tomato Casual And Urban Garden Casual”

  1. Kira Says:

    Hey, that’s so cool! Congratulations, Reggie! Love your garden, too 😉

  2. reggieCasual Says:

    Thanks so much Kira! It was fun to do. It’s not everyday I get to share my garden on TV. 😉

  3. our friend Ben Says:

    Go Reggie!!!! Tomato Casual and Urban Casual are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving us all a chance to enjoy them and all their wonderful contributors.

  4. jmuhj Says:

    Loved your video and really admire your gardening — but I was very, very disappointed to hear that you “detest” cats being in your garden. Cats are the most wondrous beings on earth! You can easily buy safe cat repellent at any “pet” supply store, and there are plants that also serve to make the garden unattractive to them. You might want to ask at your local nursery about which ones grow in your area, and plant them. You can enjoy your garden and STILL enjoy the beauty of cats!

  5. michelle Says:

    Congrats Reggie! Great interview and gorgeous garden. Thirty different kinds of tomatoes? I think someone should interview you for a tomato blog or something 😉

  6. reggiecasual Says:

    Our Friend Ben – You’re so great! Many thanks for being such a great fan of what we do here. I think it’s special too. Thanks for helping make it the special place it is.

    Jmuhj – So glad you like the tomato gardening we do here! On cats, I can tell you – I’ve done everything to be a good animal guy that I can – have ultrasonic (organic) cat noise repellent, infrared activated cat deterrents but have stopped short of anything chemical. What you heard on the tape was my frustration – not so much with the cats, but how they treat my garden. And yes, I detest the way stray cats treat my garden. The animals themselves, despite the behavior deposited in my backyard, I have know beef with.

    Michelle – Thanks so much! Hope you caught the indirect mention of you (i.e., writer in Italy 😉 ) Yeah, 30 different types this year. Next year I want to do 45 varieties. And who knows, one day I just may try get a tomato blog to interview me 😉

  7. michelle Says:

    Hah, Reggie, yes I did catch the reference to me…almost famous! Woohoo! 🙂

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