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TC Flashback: Tomato Blight and Diagnoising Tomato Problems

By Reggie Solomon

To help tomato growers who may be experiencing signs of tomato blight, yellow leaves or other tomato ailments, we wanted to flash back to some of Tomato Casual’s best resources on the subject.

2 Responses to “TC Flashback: Tomato Blight and Diagnoising Tomato Problems”

  1. Gabrielle Branch Says:

    Can you help me by telling me why my tomato fruits are rotting from where the flower was attached, they are a mixture of plum and beefsteak tomato plants, grown from seed and sited in grow bags, with extra tomato feed added in my garden net frame. The plants have grown very well but the fruits are so far all going black from the point indicated. Can you help me. I do want to grow some next year and would like to be successful! Regards, Gaye

  2. Nick Says:

    This is Blossom End Rot and a very common problem due to lack of calcium. It is very difficult to avoid when using grow bags and containers but keeping soil constantly moist helps roots absorb the nutrients they need. I spray my plants with calcium as soon as the flowers begin to set and found this very effective in reducing Blossom End Rot.

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