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Tomato Jam and You

By Michelle Fabio

If everything has gone according to plan, and I hope it has, you’re swimming in tomatoes right now.

There are plenty of ideas for what to do with your crop here on Tomato Casual from freezing to canning to homemade tomato juice, but have you thought about tomato jam?

Before you crinkle your nose (not that you would, tomato lover that you are), this fabulous concoction was recently featured in no less than the New York Times when writer Mark Bittman shared his tale of trying tomato jam at a “notably inventive tapas bar in Barcelona called Quimet y Quimet.”

And so, upon returning home, Bittman tried his hand at making tomato jam, which he notes is great served by itself on bread and also with tuna, meat or white fish. He came up with a few guiding principles:

(1) You’ll need sugar “for the kind of gooey, sticky quality we associate with jam.”
(2) You’ll need something acidic; Bittman prefers lime.
(3) Spices make a big difference, and a hot pepper will offer the “bite” it needs.

See the complete recipe.

Have you ever eaten or made tomato jam?

Source: A Sweet Science Without Tomato Cans

9 Responses to “Tomato Jam and You”

  1. barbimaster Says:

    Has anyone canned/ water bathed the Bittman Jam. I loved the tomato jam and wondering if i can jar in the same manner as raspberry jam?

  2. Our friend Ben Says:

    Wow, this looks gorgeous!

  3. michelle Says:

    @ Barbimaster, I haven’t, but I hope someone has some information for you…sounds great!

    @ Our friend Ben, doesn’t it? I especially love the addition of the hot pepper. Yum!

  4. Shibaguyz Says:

    There is a great recipe in the Ball Blue Book for canning tomato jam. We haven’t tried it yet but, yes, we are swimming in tomatoes and this sounds WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to make the first batch!

  5. michelle Says:

    Please let us know how it comes out!

  6. Designer Baby Bags Says:

    Tomato jam!? What an idea to try. I’ve done so much with tomatoes, but always the run of the mill stuff. This is defiantly something to try. Do tell how yours turns out!

  7. michelle Says:

    Hope you enjoy DBB!

  8. fallenstarseven Says:

    My friend Jennifer H in Cincinnati makes an amazing tomato jam with shallots and a bit of grated ginger, lime juice, and basil in it. I just bought canning equipment and plan to make a canned version by adapting the recipe to fit the one in the Ball Blue Book. If it works out I’ll post it.

  9. michelle Says:

    Hope it works out and you’ll share it with us 🙂

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