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Florida Tomato Growers to Hold Contest and Tour

By Vanessa Richins

The Salmonella scare certainly hurt the tomato industry a lot as consumer trust fell and many places stopped carrying tomatoes.

The FDA ultimately discovered that other sources were really responsible for the Salmonella infections.

Now the growers are trying to win back customers and bring the tomato back to the level of popularity it used to enjoy.

The Florida Tomato Committee will be bringing the Florida Tomato Culinary Art Tour to 15 different cities throughout the Eastern United States. These cities are : Portland (ME), Boston, Albany, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greenville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.

What will it include? Per their website, they will : “bring a tomato art exhibit and mini tomato festival to major food retailers and food service operators to showcase the beauty, exquisite taste and nutritional benefits of Florida grown tomatoes. Local celebrity chefs and art contest winners will be in each market as well doing what they do best — cooking with and painting tomatoes.”

They will also be educating these retailers and food service operators on the new measure that the growers are taking to ensure the safety of their tomatoes.

There will be ads in Parade magazine, radio spots, and other news media opportunities to provide facts and recipes.

Another part of the tour will be an art contest. The prize: “Each winner will receive $1,000 and qualify to win a Grand Prize of $2,000. The winning art will be auctioned to benefit the Produce for Better Health Foundation.”

Anyone interested in entering the art contest?


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