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Ketchup Helps Man Get Elected to State Supreme Court

By Vanessa Richins

It’s funny how sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

In West Virginia, Menis Ketchum used ketchup to propel himself from an unknown Democratic lawyer to the newest state Supreme Court judge.

Ketchum had a problem. As an article in the Charleston Daily Mail discloses, a poll that he conducted showed that only 4% of people even knew who he was. Tom Vogel, executive director of the state Democratic Party, suggested that Ketchum do a ketchup ad.

His ads are set in a local restaurant’s lunch counter, where people are discussing politics. He had a cameo at the end.

Snippets from the first commercial include:

“What do you know about this Ketchup guy running for the Supreme Court?” begins the man.

“Not Ketchup. Ketchum. Menis Ketchum,” corrects the waitress.”…

Back at the lunch counter, the man says, “Ketchup sounds good to me.”

“Not Ketchup. Ketchum,” the waitress corrects again.

The ads worked. People started recognizing him as that “Ketchup” guy. A later poll showed that he now carried the same name recognition as the other candidates.

He then decided to do another ad. It was a lot like the first one, but in the second he was present the whole time.

When Election Day came, Ketchum won in a landslide. He credits it all to the ketchup ads. Now, he even keeps a special bottle of ketchup in his house. The label says : “It’s Ketchum, not Ketchup, for Supreme Court.”

And it’s all because of ketchup, the lovely tomato condiment.

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