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Tomato Industry Trying to Climb Its Way Back

By Michelle Fabio

The economy isn’t looking good anywhere, but tomato growers are slowly getting back in the produce game after the several months-long salmonella scare earlier this year, according to an article in the Bradenton Herald in Florida.

Lower prices are encouraging consumers to come back to tomatoes, which is great for tomato growers, but now they have even more concerns, including food safety and new regulations mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as restrictions on soil fumigants that combat pests, diseases, and pathogens.

Tomato growers must also have a buffer zone between treated fields and home and schools.

How low are the prices going? Three weeks ago a box of tomatoes cost $18 and now goes for between $6 and $8.

But even these low prices aren’t doing enough to get the tomato industry competitive again. Some tomato growers like Ed Angrisani of Taylor & Fulton, thinks even supply is down anywhere from 20 percent to 25 percent from what it was before the salmonella scare, mostly because the demand just isn’t there.

“In the state of Florida right now, our supply is slightly less than last year. We just don’t have the demand we had before, and I don’t think we’ll get that back,” Angrisani said.

I’m curious, tomato lovers: have you been buying fewer tomatoes?

Source: Tomato industry recovering from salmonella scare

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  1. Jack Etsweiler Says:

    I rarely buy tomatoes when they are not growing here in Michigan (short season, huh?). When I just had to have some off-season, I used to get the on-stem ones, but the carbon cost is more than I want to pay, the retail price notwithstanding. I regret the losses in Florida caused by the FDA’s lack of judgment. With the fallout from certain Southern political leaders’ failure to support government loans to the auto industry, I will not be purchasing Tennessee and certain other tomatoes if I can knowingly avoid doing so. I’d love to pick up grovestand bushels in Florida and bring them up here. Martinez voted to support us (Republican, no less) but Nelson, the Democrat (what’s that all about?) voted against. Guess I’ll just have to wait until our next season!

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