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Keep Your Cats Away from Tomatoes!

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catBy Michelle Fabio

Once upon a time, people thought tomatoes were poisonous.

In fact, in America, we didn’t even start eating them until the late 1700s, making the tomato a relatively new addition to our dinner tables.

But just because we love them doesn’t mean our furry friends should be eating them as well.

Cats, in particular, can have extremely adverse reactions to tomato ingestion, and so, please keep tomatoes away from your kitties!

Although we know that tomatoes hold all kinds of great stuff, especially lycopene, they also, as members of the Nightshade family, contain Solanine, a poisonous alkaloid. For humans, it takes a very large concentration of the substance to cause problems but for cats, it doesn’t take very much at all. Indeed, as recounted in Poisoned by Tomato, just 100 grams of cherry tomatoes caused major trouble for one poor feline.

This cat was lucky and pulled through, but there’s no need to take any chances with your beloved fur baby.

I’ve read conflicting information about dogs and tomatoes, but rest assured that no animal (other than humans!) really *need* tomatoes, so don’t go out of your way to provide them. Feed your pets a well-balanced diet full of veterinary-approved food, and they’ll get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

And remember to keep the tomatoes out of reach from wandering paws!

12 Responses to “Keep Your Cats Away from Tomatoes!”

  1. Carolyn G Says:

    Thanks for the head’s up. I had no idea tomatoes were abd for cats.

  2. deb Says:

    This just makes me worry about all of the gardeners who give their dogs a tablespoon of tomatoe juice or ketchup each day to keep them from causing yellow spots in the lawn.

  3. Anna/Flowergardengirl Says:

    Really? I never would have known. My brother gives his pets everything left over off the supper table including fries with catsup. Funny that it is called Cat-sup.

  4. jmuhj Says:

    Hi! I linked to you via Dad’s Tomato Garden blog and as a fellow cat lover, I’m very surprised! Some of my beloved cats used to love a certain kind of sardines we purchased that were in tomato sauce. They ate small portions with absolutely no ill effects. Thank you for letting us all know this; I will make sure not to give tomato products to cats in future! By the way, onions are toxic to cats as well.

  5. Susan London Says:

    According to the ASPCA the red edible portion of the tomato is not toxic, but the green portion had solanine and is toxic.

    They were responding to a question about why a dry cat food that contained tomatoes.

    I just discovered my cat loves tomato sauce. I give him one with pieces in it, to provide bulk in his stool.
    I suspect raw tomatoes might be just be a little hard to digest for most cats.

  6. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the advice!!! I take V-8 juice with my meds every day and my cat always had to have some. (of the juice, not my meds) My cat would cry and wine until I gave her some. I thought because she loved it so much it must be good for her.
    I have a total of 5 cats and I love them all like they are my kids!!!!!! So I would never want to do anything that would hurt then. Thank you ever so much for your advice 🙂

  7. Gregory Says:

    I wanted to hop in and leave an answer because i fear you got the wrong impression here. Sardines were the cause of the allergenic reaction here, not the tomatoes and i believe that a vet could confirm this. In fact, my cat loves tomato sauce since she was a kitten, and it’s the only food she would go for anytime she sees it.

  8. H0ss Says:

    My 17 y/o cat is the world’s pickiest eater, but he’ll lick the tomato sauce off a slice of pizza if left on a plate. Which just happened again. Which is why I’m here. And I still don’t know whether to let him or not.

  9. vicki Says:

    I read all sorts of information that states that tomatoes are not good for our furry friends but have not heard what to do if a cat eats a yellow cherry tomato. Does anyone have advise on what to do if you suspect that your cat has eaten one???

  10. Leo Robertson Says:

    Where are you getting your information from? How are you to say ripe tomatoes are poisonous for cats? They are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Funny how you are not mentioning by-product, artificial ingredients and GMO’s but you are pointing the finger at a God intended fruit loaded with lycopene. It’s because of false information like this that cancer rates in pets are at such an alarming high.
    All of my cats LOVE tomatoes and they are so healthy and have NEVER been sick once in their lives. I will continue to happily feed my cats tomatoes on a daily basis.
    All the best,

  11. Diane Says:

    My two beautiful kitties, both indoor, one 16 and the other just 3, died from tomato leaf poisoning after eating just a few leaves from seedlings we brought indoors to Save from an early frost. I would trade much to have never brought the plants in. My little ones would still be here and would have been spared a death that haunts me to this day. There is no miracle cure once they injest the toxin. My vet could not help me. I buried my calico and Russian blue together and still cry for missing them. Please, BE CAREFUL!

  12. Kim Says:

    I’m so sorry Diane, so hard to loose one to natural causes, but two. My heart aches for you.

    There seems to be quite a bit of confusion here and all over the web regarding the toxicity of tomatoes to cats.

    Known: The stems and leaves are highly toxic. As Diane experienced. In general, never let you cat near tomatoes plants, and by extension, raw tomatoes. Just be careful.

    If little fluff gets into juice, sauce or otherwise cooked/processed tomatoes they may do fine. Just keep an eye on them for anything unusual, and don’t make it habit to let them eat tomatoes on a regular basis. Give them a bit of tuna or cooked chicken instead 😉

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