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Heinz Declares: Out With the Pickle, In With the Tomato

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heinzBy Vanessa Richins

After 110 years, H.J. Heinz Co. is finally giving the tomato its rightful place on their ketchup bottles, bumping off the pickle logo.

Starting in mid-January, you may notice new ketchup labels in stores.

The tomato will be quite noticeable, as they are making it much larger than the pickle that used to be there.

It will take about 3-5 months for the new bottles to completely replace old stock.

“We really felt that the tomato is the hero of ketchup, and it was the right time to make the switch on our label,” Geoffroy said, as reported in BusinessWeek.

“Playing up ketchup’s natural roots also feeds into consumers’ growing desire for more wholesome, natural foods, analysts and the company said. The new label includes the tagline “Grown not made.””

The move also comes as consumers are more interested in what makes up the food they eat. The company asked their target group – mothers – about the new labels. They said the tomato logo helped them feel that ketchup was more natural and wholesome since the tomato is the main ingredient.

Why did a ketchup bottle have a pickle in the first place? It comes from the early days of the company. H.J.Heinz, the founder, would give out buttons with a pickle on it at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. It was so popular that the pickle stuck and became their brand logo. The pickle will remain on Heinz’s other products such as mustard and vinegar.

Have you seen these new ketchup bottles yet?

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