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Mediterranean Tomatoes in the UK

tomatoBy Michelle Fabio

If you’ve been lucky enough to taste tomatoes grown in the Mediterranean region, especially in Southern Europe, you know how flavorful and special they are.

Well now if you live in the UK, you may be able to relive that experience at home.

The new Marmonde tomato, which is reportedly great in salads, was developed and produced by The Greenery and will debut in UK’s Sainsbury stores between January and April.

The Marmonde is said to have typical Mediterranean taste and texture qualities but with a longer shelf-life, making it possible for them to appear on British shelves.

Richard Binks of Greenery UK said: “People go on holiday and try new dishes featuring ingredients that perhaps they haven’t tried before. Marmonde offers shoppers the chance to buy a very similar product to the one which they loved on holiday.”

Have you ever had a tomato on holiday that you wished you could get at home?

Source: Sainsbury debuts Mediterranean tomato

3 Responses to “Mediterranean Tomatoes in the UK”

  1. Emmanuel Says:

    Hi, I’ve just bought my first Marmonde tomatoe… expensive for 1 tomatoe at £0.90 for just 1 but it looked unusual so it thought it was intriguing… so now what do I do with this unusual looking fruit? is it edible in it’s current ‘red’ with green stripy form? Do I leave it in the window until it’s red and enjoy it then… what do you advise?

  2. AdamLockhart Says:

    What a waste of money – i tried a green one, very hard and a bitter taste
    I I then bought one which was nearly all red with parts still green this was sweeter but lacking in flavour with a tough skin.
    I have honestly had more flavour from an essential salad tomatoe.

  3. Kristin Says:

    You got to be Mediterranean to know the difference between a good tomato and not so good…I love marmonde tomatoes, i get them in Waitrose and spend about £10 a week! they taste just like back home..and that’s the great thing about these, they have to be green and red as they contain all the flavours the british tomatoes lack. Try it with feta cheese and toasted bread…yum yum

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