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Winter Has Driven Me Tomato Crazy

community-garden-introBy Vanessa Richins

I was planning to start a garden in the spring.

There would be sections where people could rent a plot to grow fresh vegetables.

There would be other areas where the vegetables produced would be given to food banks or sold at a farmer’s market. A children’s garden . . . the works.

A friend wanted to do the same sort of project, and it turned out she had permission to use a 6 acre plot of land. It was perfect!

As I have been waiting for spring to come, I find myself growing more impatient. I’ve dreamed of what I wanted to plant, and tomatoes were tops.

I came across an ad on eBay that made my eyes light up. For the low price of $8.50 shipped, I could get 1000+ heirloom tomato seeds in 60 varieties. The one catch was that not all the varieties included were named, and the seeds were all mixed together, so I would likely not be able to identify many of the tomato plants. Still, I am adventurous, and I like surprises. I figured I could just plant them all in my 6 acre garden and enjoy whatever showed up.

I ordered TWO packs. Winter had indeed driven me crazy for tomatoes. I figured that there would be plenty of room on a plot that large.

The seeds arrived two days ago. Extra surprises were included – basil, mesclun, Genovese basil, lettuce, sunflowers, and lemon balm. However, the tomato seeds still held my attention. I looked over the names they did mention. Would I get to try Red Moneymaker? Mr. Stripey? Orange Banana Legs?

I got some bad news fron my friend today. The church that owned the land we would borrow wasn’t doing well, and might have to be sold soon. It doesn’t look like I will be able to do the project after all, unless I somehow find some other land to borrow.

The question I ask here is – what does one DO with 2000+ tomato seeds? Do I become a guerrilla gardener, spreading tomato joy throughout the city? Buy hundreds of peat pots and just fill my room with tomato seedlings?

What do YOU think?

3 Responses to “Winter Has Driven Me Tomato Crazy”

  1. jodi (bloomingwriter) Says:

    I hear you on going tomato crazy! Definitely there are worse things to do than guerilla garden with tomatoes. I say go for it.

  2. Joe Says:

    Sure sounds like you have your hands full. I would say it will be a surprise everytime a new tomato starts growing this summer. Save your self a lot of time next year and buy potted tomato plants. Garden Harvest Supply is a great online source,

  3. GreenDave Says:

    Can anyone share remedies for the east coast tomato blight that has spread from big box sellers to significant backyard disaster?
    How should they be disposed?
    Any way to “repair” soil for re-use?

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