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Experiments in Social Networking : Tomato Haiku

haikuBy Vanessa Richins

I love Twitter!

It’s a microblogging website where you can connect with people around the world.

I use it to post links to articles I write and talk to other gardeners. You can find me here.

Tonight I had an experiment pop into my head. If I asked people on Twitter to write haiku about tomatoes, would they do it? If you don’t know, haiku is a Japanese three line poem with exactly seventeen syllables. The first line contains five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five again.

It worked! Four tomato haiku were written. Since that worked, I also did the same experiment on Facebook and gained a few more examples. It was interesting to see what they came up with.

Aurora Nibley

Mom hates tomatoes,
she says they’ll give you cancer.
But they don’t. They’re good.

Victoria Allred

growing tomatoes
in my colorful garden
beefsteak and cherry

Danilo Alfaro

thrown at poppy bush,
one splats against his limo.
but he hates broccoli

Nancy Ehrlich Lapid

Old sick man must wait
to breathe tomato plant scent
on his daughter’s hands


“Love apple,” they said
“Poisonous beauty so rare!”
Do you dare to taste?


you say tomato
i say make mine organic
potato too please

Madeleine Shaw

oh tomatoes
my bliss, so vulnerable
I grow to consume

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t write one myself. Here is my contribution:

Leaves add tang to hands
Bright splashes of red pop out
I love tomatoes

Do you have a tomato haiku to share?

4 Responses to “Experiments in Social Networking : Tomato Haiku”

  1. Vanessa Richins Says:

    I had a ton more submitted after this was written. Here they are :


    lovely tomato
    so round and full this morning
    soon to be ketchup

    tomato slices
    they enliven my burger
    sweeten my salad

    here in the garden
    sunshine sparkles on wet leaves
    my tomatoes reign

  2. Vanessa Richins Says:

    Elizabeth B

    Homegrown tomatoes
    Nature’s bounty at its best
    Summertime pleasure

    Sweet red tomatoes
    Bulbous, innocent, and pure
    Take a juicy bite

    I love tomatoes
    Early Girl, Beefsteak, Heirloom
    Variety rocks

    Tomatoes are nice
    Sliced, sauced, diced, stewed, garden fresh
    Love to eat them all

    Ripe red tomato
    No matter how you slice it
    So delectable

    Heirloom tomatoes
    So flavorful and perfect
    A gourmand delight

  3. Vanessa Richins Says:


    sweet acidity
    heavy in hand, yielding flesh
    summer in your mouth

  4. Nancy Bond Says:

    heavenly, red orbs
    sweet-salty round perfection
    sliced, diced, juicy. gone.


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