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Become a Rebel at Rebel Tomato

rebel-tomatoBy Vanessa Richins

We’re big fans of tomatoes and urban gardens, of course.

I was especially happy to find a website featuring both – Rebel Tomato.

The site features a cartoon tomato wielding a pitchfork, set against a sunrise.

The “About” section gives the legend of the Rebel Tomato, explaining how he “huge impact that he could have in a community, from getting everyone to work together, to providing fresh food and tasty food for the neighbors.

Rather than be eaten, he jumped off the vine, and decided then and there to travel far and wide, planting a few seeds everywhere he went, sprouting up new Rebels every year.

And that’s how the Rebel became a rebel – by helping start a garden revolution.”

The website is the creation of the American Community Garden Association as a fun way to inspire people to start a community vegetable garden, especially ones designed for children.

It all starts with the “Seeds” section, explaining the benefits of gardening and giving national examples of neighborhood and school gardens. They also feature entrepreneurial and mentorship programs. You can use their “Search Tool” to see if there’s a garden nearby.

Next is the “Roots” section. This will help you create the goals you have in mind for your community garden.

Following that is the “Shoots” section. This is where you can learn about all basics of gardening, using their “Garden Designer Tool” to help you plot it all out.

“Fruits” features educational materials that can be used to teach children while they are tending their gardens.

Finally, there is “Harvest”, which will show you how to raise money and find new gardeners to keep your garden growing.

Join the revolution – become a Rebel Tomato today!

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  1. saijel kerai Says:

    hello i am a student in year11, attending Hendon school. i am doing a project in ICT trying to encourage people to do better things with their time, i would very much appreciate it if i could use your image ‘rebel-tomato’ for my project. i would rather i asked you before using it, and would like you to know that it wont be used proffesionally and only part of a school assignment. thank you.

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