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Wear Some Tomatoes

kedsBy Vanessa Richins

I must admit, I am positively aching for tomato growing season right now.

As I was perusing tomato related topics tonight, I came across a men’s tie full of tomatoes.

I decided to share with you some of the lovely merchandise found on the Internet if you would like to brighten your winter by wearing tomatoes.

Happy Tomato

As the website proclaims, these Happy Tomato products from Dooni Designs are “delighted to be thick, juicy and pesticide free.” There are four pages chock full of everything from t-shirts to baby’s bibs, all plastered with a friendly tomato.

Silly Tomato Tie

I am a fan of silly ties – for his last birthday, I bought my best friend a tie with a slice of pizza on it. I came across this tie on Zazzle – the inspiration for this post. How can you not like a guy who wears a tie full of smiling tomatoes?

Tomatoes Are Evil

This is, of course, not something we would believe in at Tomato Casual. However, for those poor souls who think that tomatoes are evil, they can proudly display it for all to see.

Tomato Vs. Ketchup

Based on a cartoon by Doug Savage, the shirt shows a tomato declaring, “You’d be nothing without me,” to a bottle of ketchup.

More Zazzle Tomato Fun

There are 1261 products that come up when you search for tomatoes on I am absolutely in love with the Large Green Tomato Keds.

Do you have any tomato-related clothing or accessories?

3 Responses to “Wear Some Tomatoes”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    We have GOT TO get some of those tomato sneakers! How FAB!!

  2. kate r Says:

    You’re in CT? Okay, maybe you can tell me that the plant store guy was wrong and it’s really okay to start my tomato seeds NOW. and not in two weeks, because damn skippy, I need those flats of seedlings around my house soon or despair will grow too strong.

  3. kate r Says:

    Oh. Ah. I see the sidebar lists an article called “When To Start Your Tomato Seeds” Never mind then. And I’m still a bit early, but tarnation, I’ll just make sure I give the guys a lot of light (I hope plant lights work?) so they don’t get too leggy.

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