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My Parent’s New Tomatoes

tomato-storiesBy Vanessa Richins

I think they got the idea after watching the Topsy-Turvy on TV.

My parents announced that they wanted to try growing tomatoes using the upside-down method this year.

I showed them the post about it here on Urban Garden Casual.

We kept saying that we were going to get them started (since they live in Southern California, time of year doesn’t matter as much), but didn’t get around to it.

I finally got the urge to visit the nursery to buy the tomato plants. I instantly zeroed in to where the heirloom tomatoes were located.

It was a bit frustrating since they had signs proclaiming that there were about 30 different heirloom varieties, but many of them were not actually there. I was hoping to try Mortgage Lifter and Mr. Stripey, among others. In the end, I found 4 heirlooms and 2 hybrids to take home to the folks.

Black Krim
When you get into the world of heirloom tomatoes, you simply must venture outside the realm of red tomatoes. This deep purple beauty comes from the former Soviet Union.

Brandywine Red
This is the heirloom that I find most often in stores. A good hearty beefsteak tomato.

Momotaro (Tough Boy)
The name was what sold me – that, and the fact that this is the most popular kind of tomato in Japan.

Kellogg’s Breakfast
When I mentioned this name, my mom joked that she wouldn’t be putting this one on her cereal. This variety can be 2 pounds or more.

Old German
I was glad to see that they had my favorite heirloom tomato ( These are large and very sweet.

Sweet 100
Mom requested a grape tomato. I tried to find Juliet or a German heirloom the sign said they carried, but there was none. I decided to get this prolific cherry tomato instead.

What varieties are you growing this year?

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  1. jerry lee Says:

    I have 4 heirlooms that are in seedling stages right now that will go into the garden this year: BLACK FROM TULA, BRANDYWINE (SUDDUTH STRAIN), AUNT GINNY PURPLE, and CHEROKEE PURPLE (my family’s favorite). I hope we get good weather this year. Jerry Lee

  2. Cheese Says:

    I’m new to this so just trying some Harbinger and some cherry tomatoes this year on the balcony. I can see myself being tempted by some heirloom types such as those you mention next year though if everything goes to plan this year weatherwise!

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