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Plant a Rainbow Tomato Garden

Heirloom Tomatos in 2 Minutes - TomatoCasual.comBy Vanessa Richins

When many people think of tomatoes, they think red, or perhaps green.

However, there’s a whole rainbow of colors available to the tomato lover.

If you have room for 9 tomato plants, you can have your own rainbow tomato garden. I’ve tried to include a selection of different sizes and seasons.

For red, I’ve chosen an intriguing mid-season cherry/paste tomato. Named ‘Britain’s Breakfast’, you’ll be sure to have lots of little red tomatoes for snacking, salads and more.

Being dark pink isn’t distinctive enough for the mid-season ‘Pink Accordion’. It also lives up to its name by having many “ruffles”, like an accordion. It’s suggested as a stuffing tomato.

If you want to make your own tomato sauces (yum!), you should plant a paste tomato. ‘Orange Roma’ is an early season tomato that will add a distinctive color to any dish.

The name ‘Banana Legs’ has always made me laugh. These mid-season yellow tomatoes are shaped more like their hot pepper cousins.

‘Green Giant’, a late-season variety, will provide you with some of the best tasting green tomatoes you’ve ever had.

This one was new to me – TomatoFest has an heirloom that they call ‘Blue Fruit’. They describe it as more of a purple-grey, but it definitely appears to have a blue hue.

Cherry tomatoes don’t have to be cherry-colored. Choose ‘Black Cherry’ to experience an early-season tasty treat.

Don’t worry – you won’t have any encounters with sharks if you plant ‘Great White’, a late-season beefsteak tomato.

There are several color combinations that can appear in tomatoes – red/orange, red/yellow, green/yellow, and more.

My personal favorite is Old German, a late-season heirloom that is a mixture of red and yellow. They’re large and very sweet.

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  1. our friend Ben Says:

    Whoa! Blue tomatoes are new to me, too, Vanessa. But I guess if they can breed blue potatoes…

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