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TC Reader Questions: Corn Near Tomatoes, Sweet Seedless

Tomato CasualBy Vanessa Richins

Susan W. writes:

“In order to enable success with tomatoes, do I have to give up planting corn all together or is there a distance between the two crops that will give me the best of both crops?”

Hello Susan. The main reason that advocates of companion planting list tomato and corn as enemies is because they are prone to attack from the same nasty insect.  Helicoverpa zea is known as the corn earworm, the tomato fruitworm and the cotton bollworm.

Their favorite meal is corn. When they are fully grown they are a moth, so if the tomatoes and corn are anywhere near each other, it’s quite likely they would decide to lay eggs near both kinds of plants.

If you do want to plant corn still, you would have to watch for signs of eggs and larvae. You can use a spray, or an organic pesticide like BT. The worms will bury themselves into the corn or tomato, so you must make sure to catch them before they do so. There are also some beneficial insects that prey on the tomato fruitworm.

Here’s a link with more information. Good luck!

Georgette C says:

“Would you know where I can get these “sweet seedless” tomatoes, in Essex County area in Ontario Canada?”

Hi Georgette. The “Sweet Seedless” is a brand new hybrid this year from Burpee Seeds. They say that is an exclusive, and I have only been able to find it for sale from their site. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to ship outside of the United States. I even checked on eBay for sellers there with the “Sweet Seedless”, but they also only worked with US addresses.

If you know someone here in the States, perhaps you could work with them to purchase the seeds to be sent to them, then they can mail it to you? Sorry that they don’t have them available to Canada yet.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have been dinosed with Divertiloss cant have any seeds! Love tomatoes ” so trying to find out where in n.c i could purchase the plants or seeds!

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