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TC Reader Questions: Saving Tomato Seeds, Broken Upside Down Planter

tomato-seedsBy Vanessa Richins

Jorge writes:

“Hi. I am interested in storing seed long term (more than 5 years) Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!”

Hello Jorge. Tomato seeds can generally be stored up to 10 years and still keep a germination rate of 50%. Victory Seeds says that the typical length that they will keep is 4-7 years.

They have a great picture tutorial on how to save your tomato seeds.

You start by fermenting the seeds for a few days in water to remove the outer coating. Afterwards, you drain the water and set them out to dry. They store their tomato seeds in glass jars. I have also heard of people vacuum packing seeds in bags.

I hope you have a bounty of tomatoes so you can collect lots of seeds.

Nancy says:

“What do you think of the upside down planters? I tried one I bought locally and it was so heavy that the shephard’s pole fell over and the plant died! Thanks!”

Hi Nancy. I am so sorry to hear that your poor plant fell and died! This is the first year that I’ve really heard much about the upside down planters. My parents put one up on a hook screwed into their deck, and so far it has held up.

I just saw a message on Twitter that this same problem happened to a colleague of mine. From the way shepherd’s hooks are designed, I am beginning to think that they should be avoided if possible for such a heavy planter like this, unless the pole can be somehow secured better, like in concrete.

I would suggest that the best way would be to find somewhere sturdy, like a stud or a patio beam, and screw in a hook that is rated to hold at least 50 pounds.

I hope your next upside down tomato adventure has a happier conclusion.

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