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Take a Tomato Quiz

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quizBy Vanessa Richins

I’m addicted to knowledge.

I often watch shows like Jeopardy, so I can rack my brain for all the random facts I have gathered in my years as a voracious bookworm.

I’ve found some tomato quizzes to test out your knowledge of all things to do with Lycopersicon esculentum.

Good luck!

Take the Organic Tomato Quiz!

This is a quick 7 question quiz about growing tomatoes organically. I knew several right off, but had to think about a couple. For example, do you know whether or not smokers need to be extra careful around tomatoes?

Ripe or Wrong: The Tomato Knowledge Quiz

This cute website proclaims that “Veggie Love is in the Air!”. I learned some new facts in this quiz, including the country that produces the most tomatoes and who created salsa first.

Hybrid Seed Production in Tomato

See how much you know about hybrid tomatoes. They have other quizzes about our favorite vegetable…no, fruit!

Test Your Knowledge of: Bob the Tomato

If you have kids, you may be familiar with Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. I don’t have kids, and I still do! Answer some true and false questions to see how well you know Bob.

Do You Like Tomatoes?

Ok, this quiz is rather silly. For example, my first answer was “YES! I AM IN LOVE WITH TOMATOES! I WANT TO MARRY A TOMATO! I WANT MY KID TO BE NAMES TOMATO!!!” Evidently my answers (I deliberately chose the grandiose ones) mean I’m obsessed with tomatoes.

How did you do?

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