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Reader Questions: Wilting Buds and Watering Containers

watering-tomatoesBy Vanessa Richins

From Andy:

“I have 2 old German’s planted for about 40 days, they are approx 3′ tall , look healthy as can be BUT the buds stem and all wilt and drop off? The leaves around them wilt also, any suggestions?”

Hello Andy. If it was just the blossoms I would be inclined to saythat it was a case of blossom drop, but it sounds like something else when the leaves are wilting too.

Have you noticed any spots or discolorations on the wilting parts?

There are some wilts that can affect tomato plants, but most have rings
or spots of some kind, along with abnormal colors.

Check out this article about Tomato Wilt Problems from the University of Tennessee Extension service. If none of those match, send us a picture so we can see what’s going on a bit better. I hope it clears up soon!

Jeanie H. says:

“I am growing my tomatoes in 5 gallon plastic buckets since I have gophers. This is working well, except I am not sure how often to water. All of my plants have many yellow leaves, and then the whole stem dies. I have sprayed with hort oil in the event of spider mites, which I can’t find many of. I have been watering every day. Should I cut back?”

Hi Jeanie. What’s your weather been like? As long as it’s starting to get warm, containers tend to dry out faster, so daily watering isn’t a bad thing. In fact, during hot times, you may even need twice a day. If it’s been cooler and perhaps rainy, you don’t need to water as much.

Yellowing is a sign of both under- and over-watering, so it’s hard to know for sure until we know what your weather has been like. For other possible causes, take a peek at “Understanding Yellow Tomato Leaves.

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  1. Lucy Corrander Says:

    I pop by from time to time because I like tomatoes but, on this occasion, I simply want to admire the watering can.

    Lucy Corrander

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