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Reader Question: Finding Green Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoBy Vanessa Richins


“Is there a grower or distributor in Bakersfield, California area for “Green Tomatoes”?… Have a special recipe for relish that calls for green tomatoes! Thank you!”

Hi Marilyn! Green tomato relish sounds interesting. I’ve been meaning to try fried green tomatoes myself, and now perhaps some relish too.

I don’t know of any specific growers or distributors who sell green tomatoes, but I do have some ideas for you. These could possibly work for any area, too, for anyone else looking for green tomatoes.

1. I know you’re in an area with a lot of farms (I have relatives that live there). I would suggest calling some of them and ask what they do with the green tomatoes that are left over after the main harvests.

2. Go to one of your local farmers’ markets (Bakersfield evidently has quite a few). When you see a booth with tomatoes, take a minute to talk to the workers. They may be able to arrange to bring you some green tomatoes the next week or work with you some other way. When I went to a farmers’ market last week, the farmer from one booth was willing to arrange to get me some snap peas since they were out at the moment.

3. Post a listing on Craigslist’s Farm & Garden section. Since there’s one for Bakersfield specifically, you should be able to reach people locally.

4. Post a listing on VeggieTrader. This is a website that helps you connect with other gardeners in your area. You could find someone willing to trade or sell green tomatoes.

I hope you can find some green tomatoes for your relish soon.

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  1. Svante A Says:

    Hi all farmers and gardeners,
    Living in Sweden.
    Got this as a plant from a friend visiting the US.
    Put it in the compost with repect for the gift.
    I looked just lousy, but NOW in end of September almost winter it really is giving more than I ever could expect from an ( i guess illegally) imported Plant.
    Taste is not so good but the plant is respected by me!
    ?? How to take care of the Tomatoes and the plant??



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